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May 292013

Sometimes on Family Arrested people may refer to the offender in their lives as an “S-path” or sociopath or psychopath. What does that mean? Are they talking about serial killers? The media equates the terms psychopath and sociopath to mean “serial killer” or someone like Charlie Manson or that Castro guy who kidnapped and held […]

May 292013
When You're Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place...

Next time you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, you might stop and ask yourself how you got there. It might be that you are being manipulated into taking responsibility that was never yours to begin with. Repeat criminal offenders are invariably manipulators.  Not to say that all manipulators wear the scarlet […]

May 282013
Susan Powell Journal

The body of missing mom has not been found, but all suspects in the case, including her husband Josh Powell and his brother Michael Powell are dead and after extensive searches there are no new leads to where she might be buried. This case has riveted the nation for several years since Josh Powell tricked […]

May 282013

My eldest son, Mike, might have had a chance to develop an understanding of rules, boundaries, consequences, and appropriate behaviors even though his father was an abusive man. Given the fact that he was raised in an abusive family environment, he was doomed from conception. No amount of love, expectations, good intentions, or pleading would […]

May 242013

 After one of the longest trials in recent history, and surely  the longest testimony by the defendant (18 days) and after her conviction for killing her some-time lover, Jodi Arias’ jury could not come to a decision on whether she should spend life in prison or get the death penalty. One of the jury told […]

May 232013

  Kids With Conduct Problems May Have Brains That Under-React to Painful Images: May Increase Risk of Adult Psychopathy  May 2, 2013 — When children with conduct problems see images of others in pain, key parts of their brains don’t react in the way they do in most people. This pattern of reduced brain activity […]

May 182013

In March of 2011, Kyle Risko and his brother William were out drinking in bars to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. When they went to leave, William tried his best to prevent Kyle from driving drunk. Instead, Kyle ran over William’s head and killed him. Then Kyle said that someone else had run over “Billy” and […]

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