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Jun 172013

  What are the effects on the family when the offender comes out of prison and comes home? I found an interesting hand book for social workers, prison employees, parole officers, etc. and others who work with offenders.  It encourages the “system” to engage the family members to take the released offender back into their […]

Jun 162013
Even bad people do some good things

Many of us remember Ted Bundy, the charming psychopathic rapist and murderer, who killed dozens, perhaps as many as a hundred women during the 1970s and maybe earlier. He eventually went to the electric chair for several of these murders committed in Florida.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Bundy Bundy worked for a time at a suicide hot line, sitting […]

Jun 162013

What if the offender in your family has a drug and/or alcohol problem? Do you believe that is the primary  cause of the offensive behavior? That if they would just stop using they would magically become loving and kind? It is a fact that some people have a genetic tendency to become addicted to substances […]

Jun 142013

What happens to the victims of abuse, sexual or otherwise, when we turn our backs on it, or worse, cover up the abuse, invalidate the victim’s pain because we “don’t want to cause a scene?” In my own family, our family abuser when I was young was my mother’s brother, that I will call “uncle […]

Jun 132013

The Huffington Post reports that  a victim of domestic abuse has been fired because her husband showed up at the school and got into an altercation with her. What the HECK???? The VICTIM is out of a job because of her husband attacking her? Why is HE not in prison for a lengthy period of […]

Jun 132013

Not long ago a person I know told me that me exposing my soul in grief  publicly online is very unseemly. Apparently this person does not like that  I have openly talked about my grief over my son to the online community. She thinks my grief should be kept “private.” I  explained  to her that […]

Jun 112013

  I’m constantly reading something about all kinds of things and I’ve come across quite a few articles that I think would be helpful information to the Family Arrested community, so this article is sort of a list of those links.   This is a great article, with other links about empathy, starting with what […]

Jun 072013

I ran across an interesting study by Jill Levenson, Ph.D,. Associate Professor of Human Services, Lynn University and Richard Tewksbury, Ph.D.,Professor, University of Louisville , Department of Justice Administration,Louisville, KY. The purpose of this study was to better understand the impact of sex offender registration and notification laws on the family members of registered sex […]

Jun 052013

The Huffington post reports: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/03/skylar-neese-murdered-didnt-want-to-be-friends_n_3377636.html?utm_hp_ref=crime Two teen girls stabbed 16-year-old Skylar Neese to death and left her body on the side of a road because they didn’t want to be friends with her anymore. That’s what Neese’s father Dave told CNN in a shocking new interview, which focused on the night Neese was lured out […]

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