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Jul 302013

The following story and photograph is frequently seen on e mails forwarded and shared on Facebook, so in case you haven’t seen or read it, I thought I’d post it here. It sort of reminded me of a few churches I’ve been involved with, but not such huge mega-churches, even very small “intimate” ones. In […]

Jul 292013
Son of Ariel Castro Speaks Out

I haven’t commented on the crime or trial of Ariel Castro before now. There’s plenty of information about this crime “of the century” on television, and in the media, but today I came across an article about his son Anthony, who spoke out about his violent childhood of abuse at his father’s hands. Not only […]

Jul 292013

I just read an amazing article at the blog of wildninja…hers is an amazing blog http://wildninja.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/cdd-is-heresy/ This article is quite long, but very very well written and I encourage people to read the entire article, here is a short clip from it. It concerns people who “justify” or ATTEMPT to justify domestic violence by using  […]

Jul 282013
California protective parents association

  I am subscribed to the newsletters about this association of nurturing parents who have “lost” their children to abusive spouses. They work hard and protest the unfair “family” courts in their state and in the nation. You can subscribe to this newsletter if you are having a problem with your abuser trying to or […]

Jul 282013

Not all offenders do something that is illegal, many just violate the moral laws  and seem to have an arrogance about it and while they talk a good game of repentance to the injured parties, in this case, his wife, they do not stop the offending behavior. The first time Weiner was caught, he tried […]

Jul 262013

Surveillance video from inside alleged killer Aaron Hernandez’s home ‘shows the Patriots star carrying a gun’ minutes after fellow footballer’s murder Aaron Hernandez arrested for the murder of semi-pro athlete Odin Lloyd Footage allegedly shows him with a gun at the time the murder happened Lloyd may have known about ‘Hernandez’s alleged involvement in a […]

Jul 252013

The Bible says in Proverbs “Evil companions corrupt good morals” but it is not only evil companions that turn a young person into a killer, but the effects of drugs. The following story is such an example. Man, 20, who brutally murdered his ‘great dad’ and left ‘amazing mom’ and brother for dead makes nostalgic […]

Jul 242013

I  have a dear friend, I’ll  call her Jane Smith, who is in the fight for her son’s life. Her son’s father physically abused her to the point that she has a permanent restraining order against him, and in her state lives in a “secret” place, with her ex not (supposedly) being able to find […]

Jul 232013

‘My mom told me my father did something really bad… I went numb’: Daughter of Petit family murderer speaks on sixth anniversary of home invasion horror Alicia Hayes was 15 when her father Steven Hayes and accomplice Joshua Komiserjevsky murdered a mother and her two daughters in Connecticut Miss Hayes, now 21 and serving in […]

Jul 202013

The children of offenders who are in prison bear the shame of “where’s your daddy?” That is a fact, and there is an outcry from many  people that “non violent drug offenders” should not be  incarcerated because it “separates the families” of these children, leaving their mothers to raise the children alone. One such moving […]

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