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Aug 312013
Offenders with diminished capacity

I recently received an e mail via Family Arrested from a lady I will call “Sue.” Sue said she is 59 years old and that her father has just been convicted of molesting a child. Sue didn’t say how old her dad was, but I would “guesstimate” he is at least 80 and maybe more. […]

Aug 312013

  • What is Distinction in Family Court? This website is for those who have had experience with Family Court. It aims to provide citizen review of the performance of Family Courts and how well they have protected children and vulnerable adults. The information exchanged on this site will be used to award certain courts […]

Aug 312013
I am not alone-every murderer has parents

Heartbroken dad: My son is a murderer 2011-05-05 10:53 Gerhard Jansen van Vuuren talks about his son, who allegedly stabbed his girlfriend Andrea Venter to death before trying to kill himself. Amanda Roestoff, Beeld Johannesburg – The father of an “obsessed” man who allegedly killed his girlfriend in front of a guard at her security […]

Aug 302013
What is a real apology?

I don’t know a single human being who has never done something or said something  that hurt another person. I also don’t know anyone who has never been hurt by something someone did to them. In order for the hurts to be mended, our society has the ritual of the “apology.” In different cultures it […]

Aug 292013

I ran across the following story and was totally outraged at the judge’s decision that this man had “suffered enough” for what he repeatedly  did, which resulted in the Hades-on-earth that this young girl endured and which eventually led to her taking her own life. EXCLUSIVE: Cherry was raped by her teacher at 14 and […]

Aug 262013
The roles we are assigned

Each of us has various “roles” we play in life, different positions. If we are female, then we have the role of how a female “should” act (though through the centuries some of  these roles change, and in various cultures they differ from one another). If we are a married woman, then we have the […]

Aug 242013
Pedophiles & the sex offender registry

Springfield level-3 sex offenders, May 16, 2013 CNN did, I think, an excellent article on sex offenders and the stigma that they endure as registered sex offenders, though I do think it tends to focus on those who are registered or imprisoned for child pornography. Apparently many people, especially parents of such offenders, seem to […]

Aug 222013
The Trauma Bond

People frequently ask “why does she stay with him when he beats her up? Why doesn’t she just leave?” On the surface it seems so easy, just leave. Get a restraining order. Prosecute him. Get away and stay away from him. Unfortunately, there is an emotional condition called “Stockholm Syndrome” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome  or “trauma bond” http://www.abuseandrelationships.org/Content/Survivors/trauma_bonding.html  […]

Aug 202013
Prison Pen Pals

Here in Arkansas there was a news article about a large black woman who had multiple pen pals, usually older men, and she would send them photos of “hot chicks” taken from magazines and tell these older men that was her and that she only had a short time to serve and she wanted to […]

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