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Sep 292013

An article in the Huffington Post this morning made my blood run cold. A woman and her husband broke into her parent’s home and shot and killed her mother and her brother, and were in turn shot and killed by her father. I think this one is “newsworthy” more than many such family killings because […]

Sep 252013
When your child becomes a monster

I think it is bad enough when your adult child kills even one person, but at least the world doesn’t come knocking on your door, and you don’t see their photo on every news show and every newspaper you pick up. But to have your son or daughter vilified as a murdering terrorist who guns […]

Sep 232013

Researchers have found that most people overcome the effects of trauma in their lives or high stress, but some people have great difficulty after traumatic events, such as the arrest of someone they love, or after being abused in a domestic relationship. Others have difficulty, and it seems that those who do have difficulty may […]

Sep 222013
DNA is not destiny—but it does contribute to behavior

I sent an article to a friend of mine who is a well respected therapist, and with whom I have discussed psychopathy through the years. My friend also has a son in prison for killing an infant, and believes his son is a psychopath, just like his mother. So my very learned friend who works […]

Sep 212013

A father who survived an alleged murder attempt by his own two sons has refused to criticize them, saying: ‘My boys are my boys and I’ll never abandon them and not support them.’ William Bledsoe, 70, of Ellensburg, Washington, admits the accusations against his twin sons, 25-year-old Caleb and Joshua. ‘Yes, I am the man […]

Sep 212013

One of the most shocking things about the Penn State sex abuse scandal when it came to light in 2011, was the fact that the local District Attorney knew about the case back in the 1990s. The mother of one of the children abused by football coach Jerry Sandusky, reported the crime to DA Ray […]

Sep 212013
A newer way of looking at addictions

Dr. Carl Hart is a black man raised on the mean streets flowing with crack and meth, yet he became a respected neuroscientist who now conducts research on addicts, and his fact-based studies are turning the common thinking about how addicts will do “anything” to get their drugs of choice upside down. Here’s an article […]

Sep 182013
The families of criminals

  I first “ran into” Babette Hughes when I made reply to her article in the Huffington Post and we corresponded and I asked her to write an article for Family Arrested, and here it is. Babette is a talented author and has recently published  her fourth novel drawing on her life as the daughter […]

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