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Oct 272013

It is well known among social workers and police that a woman’s risk of violence from a partner, including death, increases at the time she breaks up with him. (I am using “him” here, but this applies to both sexes.) A heart breaking case of such violence is Lauren Ashley, a bubbly 18 year old […]

Oct 212013
How other people's stress can kill you

I happened on a very interesting article in the Huffington Post recently about how we mimic other people’s emotional states. It is a well proven fact that stress has adverse effects on our health, both mental and physical. Hans Selye   http://www.stress.org/about/hans-selye-birth-of-stress/  proved in his experiments that stress makes us more prone to infections and even […]

Oct 192013
It's Okay to get angry when your life burns down

One of my all time favorite cartoons shows in the back ground a house that has been burned and wisps of smoke are still rising. On the side walk in front of the house is a mother squatting down to talk eye-level with a little girl about 4 or 5 years old. The caption says […]

Oct 182013

I love parables such as Jesus used to teach his followers, and sometimes there are some modern parables that are  as instructive, the following story I think is one of those. Once upon a time an Indian Chief who was known for his kindness was walking through the forest and he came to a river. […]

Oct 152013

If someone says “I’m a victim of abuse” our current social  thinking seems to be, “that means it is true,” but the truth is, that many offenders mask themselves as “victims” who are only “defending themselves.” The wife who kills her husband, who she says is abusive, or the girl who gets pregnant and screams […]

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