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Dec 262014

  The Huffington Post recently printed an exceptional article about a new book called The Narcissist Next Door, and gave the major ways the author advised in how to deal with these individuals. Narcissists are the kudzu of the human condition — a rapidly proliferating species that shows up anywhere, thrives everywhere and resists all […]

Dec 162014
Holiday battles

    Though some people consider Christmas to be a religious holiday and others only consider it an occasion to “play Santa Claus,” it seems that in many families the holidays  and special events are anything but “joyous.” Whether it is two sets of in-laws each demanding that the kids be brought to their house […]

Dec 122014
Developmental tasks

    Having reached “old age” and recently turned 68, in addition to everything else that goes with advancing age I am involved in what Erikson called “ego-integrity.” There are well recognized “age related development tasks” that change as we mature, and then age. Of course an infant’s assigned developmental task include learning to walk […]

Dec 082014

    Throughout my life I have had mentors at various times. Sometimes they have been life long mentors, other times they have been in my life for only a short time, but they have left something permanent in my life that has helped me become who I am today. At the time they were […]

Dec 022014
Trying to help those who won't help themselves

    Throughout my lifetime, I’ve frequently felt compelled to “help” people, regardless of what type of help they might have needed. Given my dysfunctional and abusive childhood, that compulsion to “fix” or “help” became a personal pathology. I truly believed that I could “help” others reach their true potential, because the responsibility to “fix” […]

Nov 202014

The news, talk shows, internet, newspapers and magazines seem fixated on the accusations against Bill Cosby brought by over a dozen women. Not much news seemed generated by the “out of court” settlement against him by ten women several years ago…and by prior alleged victims writing about him attacking them sexually, but now for some […]

Nov 172014
BBC Radio Show

Today I was interviewed by a BBC radio show along with the husband of, daughter of, and mother of, three other murderers and the impacts that the criminals had on our lives. You can listen to the show at this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02bggpw There were so many questions I wanted to ask the other panelists, but […]

Nov 152014
Domestic abuse as dating advice?

Domestic abuse as dating advice?   From the use of ‘coercion and threats’ to ’emotional abuse’, this shocking ‘checklist’ for dating women was posted on Twitter by California ‘pick-up artist’ Julien Blanc. The diagram, featuring three sections entitled ‘physical’, ‘violence’ and ‘sexual’, was originally designed by a domestic abuse charity to help women identify when […]

Nov 132014
When Denial Goes too Far

  I recently read a story about a man who as a young adult killed a young girl…and his mother lied and gave him an alibi that stuck for nearly 55 years until she eventually confessed to her daughter on her death bed that she had lied. It was still years later that the daughter […]

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