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Mar 292014
Anger management classes don't work

Our courts frequently sentence those convicted of domestic violence or anger management “classes.” Here is an article from the Huff/Post in which a man who was a repeat offender for domestic violence who struck his girl friend with his “anger management work book” Of course at first glance this appears almost funny. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/26/tyler-ford-anger-management_n_5035171.html?utm_hp_ref=crime A man […]

Mar 182014
The spin cycle

    Various techniques used by abusers to manipulate their victims or enablers have been given “cutesie” names by various survivors. These techniques are not “cutesie” though, but by recognizing them when we see them in a relationship, we can make ourselves less vulnerable to being victimized or taken advantage of by anyone. Some of […]

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