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May 212014
Pedophiles are hard wired

Resent research finds that pedophiles can be identified during fMRI scans if they are shown photographs of the FACES of children in their “preferred age range, which leads researchers to believe that pedophiles are hard-wired in their sexual desires. Now that still leaves the question of “will they stop after they get out of prison […]

May 122014
Flush it away

A few days ago I ran into a childhood friend  and neighbor, who has a PhD in nursing and taught nursing students for years before her retirement. We got to talking about my family problems which she was aware of and empathized with mine, and her own family problems, which I had not been aware […]

May 022014

Jesus tells his followers to “beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing” even within the church. The recent revelations of priests and ministers abusing children sexually is a perfect example of those wolves within the church. Psychopaths and other predators frequently wear a “mask” of goodness and kindness, but if you observe closely, these people will […]

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