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Jul 152014
Finding peace

Peace and contentment This summer has been one of the most peaceful and happy summers I have spent in a long time. I really wasn’t sure just “why” this summer was so peaceful and why I am so content out here in my “little hole in the woods” on our farm. I got to thinking […]

Jul 072014
When your parent is a monster

How do you cope when the offender in your life is so universally hated for a crime so heinous that when the state tried to let him out on parole, riots and protests erupted? The state of California, frustrated by these protests and refusals of areas to house him, eventually put a trailer on prison […]

Jul 042014

    The holiday we celebrate every year to mark the Revolutionary War of Independence from British Royal oppression in the eighteenth century is always bittersweet to me. Whereas many of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence that stated that  ALL men had the RIGHT to pursue happiness and that all men were […]

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