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Aug 212014
Tribute to "Milo"

    Tribute to a survivor Today I received the sad news that my friend “Milo” will likely pass away today. She has been suffering from terminal bone cancer which was only recently discovered. Milo’s husband told me that she considered me and a couple of other survivors who have shared our healing paths for […]

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Aug 052014
Denial can literally kill you

Denying that something is “wrong” or “dangerous” when it is really wrong or dangerous can cause us damage because by denying that something is wrong, we will not take ACTION. Denial kills action, action that might would save our lives. Denial is found in every walk of our lives. Short term, denial is a protective […]

Aug 022014
Accepting the truth

I read an article on the political situation in the Middle East today that struck a cord with me. It isn’t about the politics of who is “right” and who is “wrong” in any war, but in how we live in delusion and fantasy to support our own beliefs. The article said “There are two […]

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