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Jan 312015

I ran across an article recently about a couple who were afraid of their sixteen year old daughter. Ann and Mike describe their existence as parents to 16-year-old Kristi as a living nightmare. “I’m afraid of Kristi when she gets violent,” says Ann, pointing out that Kristi has bashed doors, thrown objects, has spit on […]

Jan 222015

I’ve been reading some interesting books lately by some very interesting researchers in the field of psychology, (Dr. Barbara Oakley) dealing with the themes of altruism and (Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen) on empathy and others who are trying to discover what makes people altruistic and how empathy (or lack of it) effects how we behave toward […]

Jan 222015
Assessing Character

St. Thalassios the Libyan said ‘Shun whoever lives dissolutely, even if many hold him in high esteem.’ The quote above is only one of many quotes found in “works and books” of wisdom. Most of us, if not all of us, are here because we have been wounded, abused, or taken advantage of by the […]

Jan 222015
Pruning the Dead Wood

    I live in the woods, and what passes for a “yard” (I can’t possibly call it a “lawn” with so little grass!) is pretty much in deep shade most of the summer due to the tall trees. Because of the deeply wooded environment I’ve had to make a choice to have either trees […]

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Jan 062015

I just read an article about two parents who recognized their sons in a security video of a robbery and called police and turned their sons, age 14 and 16 into the police. Having done the same thing to my son Patrick when I realized he had a large amount of goods that he could […]

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Jan 022015
New Year's Resolutions

    Many of us make “resolutions” for the New Year, sort of like “I’m gonna go to the gym regularly and lose 25 pounds.” Unfortunately many (most?) times we don’t keep up the ambition to really complete these “resolutions” and by February we have said “oh, fudge, I give up” and we quit trying […]

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