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Sep 092015

In today’s news I read an extremely sad story which is the result of a psychopathic stalker EX who went to the home of his ex wife who had a restraining order against him and held a gun to her head. He was wearing a mask and the woman’s son was able to shoot and […]

Aug 122015
Listening to our dreams

For countless generations throughout history, even in the Bible, people have believed that God (or gods) spoke to them in dreams foretelling the future and how they should prepare for whatever is coming. Freud and Jung believed that our subconscious was talking to us via our dreams and I think that may very well be […]

Aug 032015

My grandfather was sort of a “backwoods philosopher” and he had some interesting “sayings” and “proverbs” that definitely hit the truth on the head. One of the ones he told me when I was a little kid was “once a cat jumps on a HOT (wood) stove you’ll never get it on a cold one.” […]

Jul 302015

An interesting article I read yesterday talks about how many people become rich by being high in psychopathic traits—think Bernie Madoff. You can read the entire article here, but I like the paragraph below. Wilkin has determined that behind almost every great fortune, there lies what he calls a ‘wealth secret’. This is a piece […]

Jul 082015

I saw several articles on this, but this is the only one I could get to copy right. I’m not even going to comment on it as I think the story does it for me. UGH! Mother who was stalked and threatened with sexual assault for ten years learns the emails were sent by her […]

Jul 022015

  Happy 4th of July to everyone and I hope you have a safe and joyful holiday. The 4th represents freedoms in this country and I hope it represents freedom from oppression in your life from  any abusers or offenders. We are not required to allow others to infringe on our freedoms in life. Celebrate […]

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