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Dec 122016

I never thought much about what we might now call “prison groupies” until my son Patrick had some girl call me to talk her about him. For some period of time he had a cell phone in prison with access to the Internet and apparently he had contacted her that way. I have also seen […]

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Jan 142016

I am aware of this case, as it happened about 60 miles from me. A real estate sales woman, Beverly Carter, “disappeared” after showing a house for sale. Eventually, she was found dead, smothered with duct tape, and a couple were arrested for her murder, evidence was found in their car (later excluded by the […]

Jan 072016

We all know the old saying “power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Today I read another article  about Bill Clinton’s alleged rape attempts, but this one is very personal to me, as the woman’s husband and I went to school together, and I BELIEVE HER. Not only Juanita but other women have told about […]

Dec 312015
New Year's Eve Thoughts

I don’t know if you sit and take a look at the last year on New Year’s eve, but  I do. I look back and see the things that went well and the things that didn’t go so well. I’ve done this I guess since I became an adult. Since I finally made the conscious […]

Nov 232015

I try to stay away from “politics” here but an article of interest to me was posted on the net today. A lady whose husband was a school mate of mine accused Bill Clinton of raping and beating her. She was a campaign worker. Through the years there have been many many accusations of both […]

Nov 032015

Jared Fogle – Just One More Pedophile, But Wait……What About The Informant? So, the news about Jared Fogle is out and I have to wonder how long he’ll last in prison. He agreed to plead, “Guilty,” to charges of receiving child pornography, as well as traveling to engage in paid sexual encounters with children and […]

Nov 022015

The discussions here on Family Arrested about dissociation and how we cope with trauma and stress got me to thinking about the things I have observed in others and also observed in myself. My first memory of discussion occurred when I was working in Africa as a wild life photographer and we were in a […]

Sep 122015
Enabling hurts everyone involved

I only have to look at my own family to see just how much enabling can hurt others. My maternal grandmother was the child of an abusive alcoholic father and an enabling mother. Her assigned family role was to keep the family secrets and pretend that “everything was lovely” no matter how bad it was. […]

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