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Jul 222015

I saw an article in the news today bout Susan Smith, who killed both her young sons because her boyfriend didn’t want kids…which made me think about the fact that psychopaths have neither shame nor true remorse for what they do. I have no doubt that Susan smith is a psychopath, both for what she […]

Jan 062015

I just read an article about two parents who recognized their sons in a security video of a robbery and called police and turned their sons, age 14 and 16 into the police. Having done the same thing to my son Patrick when I realized he had a large amount of goods that he could […]

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Nov 132014
When Denial Goes too Far

  I recently read a story about a man who as a young adult killed a young girl…and his mother lied and gave him an alibi that stuck for nearly 55 years until she eventually confessed to her daughter on her death bed that she had lied. It was still years later that the daughter […]

Jan 142014
What is a conscience?

What is a conscience? We frequently talk about some people not having a conscience, or having a conscience, but what really is a conscience? The Merriam Webster on-line dictionary defines it thusly. con•science noun ˈkän(t)-shən(t)s : the part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being either morally right or wrong […]

Oct 192013
It's Okay to get angry when your life burns down

One of my all time favorite cartoons shows in the back ground a house that has been burned and wisps of smoke are still rising. On the side walk in front of the house is a mother squatting down to talk eye-level with a little girl about 4 or 5 years old. The caption says […]

Sep 142013
Lies of the son

Recently a television group from London were in the US filming a documentary on psychopaths for television in the UK. I had been referred to them as the parent of a psychopath by Dr. Robert Hare’s Aftermath  foundation and what they wanted from me was the information I had that, first of all, proved Patrick […]

Jul 202013

The children of offenders who are in prison bear the shame of “where’s your daddy?” That is a fact, and there is an outcry from many  people that “non violent drug offenders” should not be  incarcerated because it “separates the families” of these children, leaving their mothers to raise the children alone. One such moving […]

Jun 282013

Time Magazine recently published an interesting article on self-disciplined people and how their discipline also goes toward them being happier. I definitely think that self discipline is important in our lives. That we do what we know is good for us even if we really don’t want to do that thing. My biggest hurdle in […]

Jun 232013

Some  offenders  don’t  know enough about how the rest of the world thinks to even tell a “good” lie I saw this article about North Korea’s soccer team and how they had been apparently caught in a doping scandal, but were claiming that it was really an herbal medication that made them test positive for […]

Jun 162013

What if the offender in your family has a drug and/or alcohol problem? Do you believe that is the primary  cause of the offensive behavior? That if they would just stop using they would magically become loving and kind? It is a fact that some people have a genetic tendency to become addicted to substances […]

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