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Oct 182013

I love parables such as Jesus used to teach his followers, and sometimes there are some modern parables that are  as instructive, the following story I think is one of those. Once upon a time an Indian Chief who was known for his kindness was walking through the forest and he came to a river. […]

Sep 142013

One of the latest news stories to go viral is about the obituary of a woman who was apparently abusive to her family. Here is a link to the obituary RENO, Nev. (AP) — Anyone expecting a sweet remembrance of the life and times of Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick  was in for a surprise if they […]

Aug 262013
The roles we are assigned

Each of us has various “roles” we play in life, different positions. If we are female, then we have the role of how a female “should” act (though through the centuries some of  these roles change, and in various cultures they differ from one another). If we are a married woman, then we have the […]

Jul 302013

The following story and photograph is frequently seen on e mails forwarded and shared on Facebook, so in case you haven’t seen or read it, I thought I’d post it here. It sort of reminded me of a few churches I’ve been involved with, but not such huge mega-churches, even very small “intimate” ones. In […]

Jul 292013

I just read an amazing article at the blog of wildninja…hers is an amazing blog http://wildninja.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/cdd-is-heresy/ This article is quite long, but very very well written and I encourage people to read the entire article, here is a short clip from it. It concerns people who “justify” or ATTEMPT to justify domestic violence by using  […]

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