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Jan 142016

I am aware of this case, as it happened about 60 miles from me. A real estate sales woman, Beverly Carter, “disappeared” after showing a house for sale. Eventually, she was found dead, smothered with duct tape, and a couple were arrested for her murder, evidence was found in their car (later excluded by the […]

Nov 032015

Jared Fogle – Just One More Pedophile, But Wait……What About The Informant? So, the news about Jared Fogle is out and I have to wonder how long he’ll last in prison. He agreed to plead, “Guilty,” to charges of receiving child pornography, as well as traveling to engage in paid sexual encounters with children and […]

Sep 092015

In today’s news I read an extremely sad story which is the result of a psychopathic stalker EX who went to the home of his ex wife who had a restraining order against him and held a gun to her head. He was wearing a mask and the woman’s son was able to shoot and […]

Jun 112015

In the news recently there have been many reports of the two convicted murderers who escaped from an “escape proof” prison using power tools to cut through metal walls and pipes. It has been shown that a female supervisor over one of the trades inside the prison was involved with the escape A female prison […]

Mar 192015
Long term effects of abuse and violence

I’ve read about a young man who escaped from a North Korean prison camp, and published his book on his experiences there. Shin Dong-hyuk drew worldwide attention to the harsh realities of the North Korean regime with the 2012 book, Escape from Camp 14. The book details the young North Korean’s life in one of […]

Nov 202014

The news, talk shows, internet, newspapers and magazines seem fixated on the accusations against Bill Cosby brought by over a dozen women. Not much news seemed generated by the “out of court” settlement against him by ten women several years ago…and by prior alleged victims writing about him attacking them sexually, but now for some […]

Jan 072014
Study shows rates of arrest are high

I guess every nurturing caring parent worries that their child will be involved in something that will cause them to be arrested. If “Junior” is arrested and convicted for a felony, it can derail educational and employment prospects for a life time. In some home environments  and some communities being arrested is almost a rite […]

Nov 182013
Public shame for the family

The effects that an offender’s behavior has on families may be very public, as in the case of William Bulger, the brother of “Whitey” Bulger, who, after years on the run, was finally captured and tried very publicly for the brutal murders of many people, and for running a “mafia type” operation for years. There […]

Oct 312013
Mother turns in hit-and-run driver

I read a news article today in the Daily Mail on line about a mother turning in her son for a fatal hit and run that took the life of a young husband and devastated the young man’s wife. I personally know the emotional toll that it takes to call the police and turn in […]

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