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Sep 292013

An article in the Huffington Post this morning made my blood run cold. A woman and her husband broke into her parent’s home and shot and killed her mother and her brother, and were in turn shot and killed by her father. I think this one is “newsworthy” more than many such family killings because […]

Sep 252013
When your child becomes a monster

I think it is bad enough when your adult child kills even one person, but at least the world doesn’t come knocking on your door, and you don’t see their photo on every news show and every newspaper you pick up. But to have your son or daughter vilified as a murdering terrorist who guns […]

Sep 212013

A father who survived an alleged murder attempt by his own two sons has refused to criticize them, saying: ‘My boys are my boys and I’ll never abandon them and not support them.’ William Bledsoe, 70, of Ellensburg, Washington, admits the accusations against his twin sons, 25-year-old Caleb and Joshua. ‘Yes, I am the man […]

Sep 182013

In an article in USA today, the mother of the Navy Yard shooter tells USA today how sad she is for the families of the victims, and how she wonders “why” her son did what he did, but because he was killed in the shootout with police she will never be able to ask him. […]

Sep 072013
Hit and run driver confesses

I guess everyone has done something stupid, with or without long-lasting consequences to themselves or to others. Matthew Cordle made some bad decisions and got behind the wheel of a vehicle when he was drunk. The consequences to Matthew are life changing, but to Mr. Canzani the man he killed,  the consequence of  Matthew’s decision […]

Aug 312013
I am not alone-every murderer has parents

Heartbroken dad: My son is a murderer 2011-05-05 10:53 Gerhard Jansen van Vuuren talks about his son, who allegedly stabbed his girlfriend Andrea Venter to death before trying to kill himself. Amanda Roestoff, Beeld Johannesburg – The father of an “obsessed” man who allegedly killed his girlfriend in front of a guard at her security […]

Aug 182013
Jared Remy Murders Jennifer Martel

Jerry Remy, Red Sox Broadcaster, Blasts Son, Jared, Charged With Murder Of Jennifer Martel BOSTON — Longtime Boston Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy said Saturday he could not describe his “disgust and remorse” over allegations his son fatally stabbed his girlfriend a day after being released from custody for allegedly assaulting her.In a statement released […]

Aug 062013
Mother helps son escape jail

On our local news almost every night since the event happened  here recently where a man in jail dove through an open window and sprinted out the front door of the jail with a deputy on his tail and dove into a waiting car and drove off. As of this writing he is still on […]

Jul 292013
Son of Ariel Castro Speaks Out

I haven’t commented on the crime or trial of Ariel Castro before now. There’s plenty of information about this crime “of the century” on television, and in the media, but today I came across an article about his son Anthony, who spoke out about his violent childhood of abuse at his father’s hands. Not only […]

Jul 262013

Surveillance video from inside alleged killer Aaron Hernandez’s home ‘shows the Patriots star carrying a gun’ minutes after fellow footballer’s murder Aaron Hernandez arrested for the murder of semi-pro athlete Odin Lloyd Footage allegedly shows him with a gun at the time the murder happened Lloyd may have known about ‘Hernandez’s alleged involvement in a […]

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