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Aug 212014
Tribute to "Milo"

    Tribute to a survivor Today I received the sad news that my friend “Milo” will likely pass away today. She has been suffering from terminal bone cancer which was only recently discovered. Milo’s husband told me that she considered me and a couple of other survivors who have shared our healing paths for […]

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Jun 132013

Not long ago a person I know told me that me exposing my soul in grief  publicly online is very unseemly. Apparently this person does not like that  I have openly talked about my grief over my son to the online community. She thinks my grief should be kept “private.” I  explained  to her that […]

Mar 232013

You know sometimes we tell others about the things that we have gone through, and hope that they see by our example what has happened to us because of our associations with people who are high in dysfunctional traits and not make the same mistakes we made. Sometimes people “get it” and sometimes they don’t […]

Mar 212013

“The parents of a six-year-old girl who was gunned down in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre have revealed they met with the father of killer Adam Lanza. Robbie and Alissa Parker said they wanted to speak with Peter Lanza as part of their grieving process and because they needed to ‘get something out of […]

Mar 202013

How can I tell if s/he really wants to change?   This is the crucial question we all ask ourselves when someone we deeply love has hurt us, betrayed us, done something horribly wrong, continually said they were sorry, but returned to the same behaviors over again. What shows true contrition? It has been said […]

Mar 192013

I received the following e mail today from a friend of mine who has a daughter who is a psychopath, totally without remorse. My friend is raising her grandson, a special needs child, the son of her daughter. She lives near the area where this crime happened. She writes: I am ashamed of myself that […]

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