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Jan 222015
Assessing Character

St. Thalassios the Libyan said ‘Shun whoever lives dissolutely, even if many hold him in high esteem.’ The quote above is only one of many quotes found in “works and books” of wisdom. Most of us, if not all of us, are here because we have been wounded, abused, or taken advantage of by the […]

Jan 222015
Pruning the Dead Wood

    I live in the woods, and what passes for a “yard” (I can’t possibly call it a “lawn” with so little grass!) is pretty much in deep shade most of the summer due to the tall trees. Because of the deeply wooded environment I’ve had to make a choice to have either trees […]

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Jan 022015
New Year's Resolutions

    Many of us make “resolutions” for the New Year, sort of like “I’m gonna go to the gym regularly and lose 25 pounds.” Unfortunately many (most?) times we don’t keep up the ambition to really complete these “resolutions” and by February we have said “oh, fudge, I give up” and we quit trying […]

Dec 162014
Holiday battles

    Though some people consider Christmas to be a religious holiday and others only consider it an occasion to “play Santa Claus,” it seems that in many families the holidays  and special events are anything but “joyous.” Whether it is two sets of in-laws each demanding that the kids be brought to their house […]

Dec 122014
Developmental tasks

    Having reached “old age” and recently turned 68, in addition to everything else that goes with advancing age I am involved in what Erikson called “ego-integrity.” There are well recognized “age related development tasks” that change as we mature, and then age. Of course an infant’s assigned developmental task include learning to walk […]

Dec 082014

    Throughout my life I have had mentors at various times. Sometimes they have been life long mentors, other times they have been in my life for only a short time, but they have left something permanent in my life that has helped me become who I am today. At the time they were […]

Sep 202014
Catastrophic  Thinking-all or nothing

I recently had to go to a court hearing, nothing criminal, but procedural, and the anticipation of this hearing drove me into a complete panic attack, similar I think to the way that Joyce experienced the anticipation of her son’s last parole hearing. I experienced catastrophic thinking and the anxiety left me barely able to […]

Aug 052014
Denial can literally kill you

Denying that something is “wrong” or “dangerous” when it is really wrong or dangerous can cause us damage because by denying that something is wrong, we will not take ACTION. Denial kills action, action that might would save our lives. Denial is found in every walk of our lives. Short term, denial is a protective […]

Aug 022014
Accepting the truth

I read an article on the political situation in the Middle East today that struck a cord with me. It isn’t about the politics of who is “right” and who is “wrong” in any war, but in how we live in delusion and fantasy to support our own beliefs. The article said “There are two […]

Jul 152014
Finding peace

Peace and contentment This summer has been one of the most peaceful and happy summers I have spent in a long time. I really wasn’t sure just “why” this summer was so peaceful and why I am so content out here in my “little hole in the woods” on our farm. I got to thinking […]

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