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Sep 102013

Richard Nixon said “I’m not a crook!” and Ariel Castro said “I’m not a monster” and  Stevie Foehl said “I’m a good person” after she was arrested for sexually molesting a one year old and filming her boyfriend molesting the child. The Huffington Post article link for this story is: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/09/stevie-foehl-michigan-sexual-assault-baby_n_3895218.html?utm_hp_ref=crime The article ends with […]

Aug 312013
Offenders with diminished capacity

I recently received an e mail via Family Arrested from a lady I will call “Sue.” Sue said she is 59 years old and that her father has just been convicted of molesting a child. Sue didn’t say how old her dad was, but I would “guesstimate” he is at least 80 and maybe more. […]

Aug 292013

I ran across the following story and was totally outraged at the judge’s decision that this man had “suffered enough” for what he repeatedly  did, which resulted in the Hades-on-earth that this young girl endured and which eventually led to her taking her own life. EXCLUSIVE: Cherry was raped by her teacher at 14 and […]

Aug 242013
Pedophiles & the sex offender registry

Springfield level-3 sex offenders, May 16, 2013 CNN did, I think, an excellent article on sex offenders and the stigma that they endure as registered sex offenders, though I do think it tends to focus on those who are registered or imprisoned for child pornography. Apparently many people, especially parents of such offenders, seem to […]

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