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Apr 082014
Spring cleaning and self care

About this time of year, people get into a cleaning frenzy in the spaces that they occupy.  Whether it’s a 3000 sf Victorian with 4 bedrooms, or a 1 bedroom apartment, we throw open the windows, and commence “Spring Cleaning.”  Some folks do this twice a year – Spring, and Fall – and, God bless […]

Sep 062013
Why do people cheat?

A research study http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24000799 showed that people who cheat receive a positive, not negative, reinforcement that we might call “duping delight.” This study was cited in Time Magazine  which says in part: It turns out, however, that all of us may get a little boost when we cheat, and researchers showed for the first time […]

Aug 082013

Today I received the following e mail from the VINE victims notification services which keeps me informed about anything to do with my son’s legal status, coming up for parole, or a new charge or anything else to do with his criminal records. A while back I was notified that he had had a bench […]

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Jul 192013

I don’t for one minute think that every person in prison for even a violent crime is actually guilty of that crime. What the percentage of people who are either wrongly convicted of a crime, or “cop a plea” for a reduced sentence on the chance they would be wrongly convicted and receive a very […]

Jun 172013

  What are the effects on the family when the offender comes out of prison and comes home? I found an interesting hand book for social workers, prison employees, parole officers, etc. and others who work with offenders.  It encourages the “system” to engage the family members to take the released offender back into their […]

Jun 072013

Did you ever have a “gut feeling” about someone? I have frequently had some sort of “gut feeling” about several people who later turned out to be offenders, some seriously, including murder, and pedophilia, who is now doing Life without Parole./p> There are others though that I just didn’t like and it turned out that […]

Jun 032013

There were times when I felt like I was in a canoe trying to escape a flood, and my biological sons, Patrick and Andrew, were in the canoe with me. But instead of helping me paddle, they were chopping holes in the bottom of the canoe. Eventually the canoe sank and we had to swim […]

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May 182013

In March of 2011, Kyle Risko and his brother William were out drinking in bars to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. When they went to leave, William tried his best to prevent Kyle from driving drunk. Instead, Kyle ran over William’s head and killed him. Then Kyle said that someone else had run over “Billy” and […]

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