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Jul 082015

I saw several articles on this, but this is the only one I could get to copy right. I’m not even going to comment on it as I think the story does it for me. UGH! Mother who was stalked and threatened with sexual assault for ten years learns the emails were sent by her […]

Dec 162014

    One in six  women and one in nineteen men will be victims of stalking in their life times. That’s a pretty depressing statistic, especially if you are one of those being stalked. Normal people do not stalk others. Therefore, if someone is stalking you, they are disordered to one degree or another. The […]

Nov 012014
Incomprehensible thinking of others

    We tend to judge another’s intentions and motivations by our own intentions and motivations. Unfortunately, this is not a valid way to function in this world. Right now, in the middle East the ISIS fanatics are murdering hundreds and thousands of Christians and other Muslims all in the name of religion. We see […]

Jun 262014
Passive-aggressive IS aggression

We’ve all heard the term “passive-aggressive” and I think most of us have experienced it. When someone is being passively aggressive to us we “feel” that something is wrong, but we just can’t put our finger on it. Maybe sometimes we use passive-aggressive ways to deal with someone. But just what IS “passive aggressive” behavior, […]

Apr 302014
What is "Duping Delight?"

Many people who have dealt with offenders have noticed what some folks call “duping delight” where the offender is actually proud of his “getting away with it.” My son displayed this “duping delight” when he bragged to me that “my crime was even worse than the cops knew” and  T. J. Layne  showed his delight […]

Apr 212013
Domestic violence--a family affair

Domestic Abuse It is estimated that 90% of all domestic violence and abuse is perpetrated in front of children.  There are a number of “reasons” for this fact that I can directly relate to my own experiences.  A few of the dynamics that result for children who are raised in an environment of domestic violence […]

Apr 182013

When I read the news sometimes I just want to cry. It seems the news is filled with hate, prejudice, evil and just plain mean stuff! The following article about a young man who was “hazed” to death in a college band and beaten so badly that his muscles were destroyed, made me just have […]

Apr 182013

The literature shows many people indicate their  ex-significant others have been violent, and yet they still have strong feelings for these (mostly) men. The readers find it difficult to go “no contact” and refuse to listen to the pleas of these guys to get back with them. Statistics show that more women are hurt or […]

Mar 172013

The rape trial in Ohio against Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond has finally come to a conclusion with the verdict of guilty though they have not yet been sentenced. Sobbing teenage football stars are found guilty of raping drunken ‘dead girl’, 16, whose horrific ordeal was filmed, photographed, and posted across social media in case […]

Mar 142013

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2292956/Sandra-Layne-trial-Grandmother-shot-dead-drug-using-grandson-sobs-court.html Sandra Layne age 75, is being charged with shooting her 17 year old grandson, a “troubled teen” who she says she feared. Sandra had taken her “favorite grandson” Jonathan Hoffman, into her home as his parents were divorcing. He was apparently using various drugs, including the “synthetic marijuana” which seems to be making the […]

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