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Jul 022015


Happy 4th of July to everyone and I hope you have a safe and joyful holiday. The 4th represents freedoms in this country and I hope it represents freedom from oppression in your life from  any abusers or offenders. We are not required to allow others to infringe on our freedoms in life.
Celebrate your freedom!


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  3 Responses to “HAPPY 4th OF JULY FOLKS!”

  1. article up

  2. Happy Fourth of July to you and your readers!

  3. Happy Post 4th, Joyce, and everyone!!!

    Freedom. Freedom means something dear to me, now. At one time, I believed that basic human freedoms were the goal to strive for. NOW, I understand that my freedoms from fear, anxiety, depression, rage, and dysfunction can actually LEAD to a life of freedom.

    Cooler heads prevail, and without shedding myself of all of the negativity and dysfunction, my head was never centered, calm, or balanced. It’s quite a different world when I am literally free from those draining emotions and anxieties. Quite a different world.

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