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Jan 062015

I just read an article about two parents who recognized their sons in a security video of a robbery and called police and turned their sons, age 14 and 16 into the police. Having done the same thing to my son Patrick when I realized he had a large amount of goods that he could not have legally obtained, I feel for these parents. I hope that these kids truly were giving in to “peer pressure” but whatever the “cause” of them participating in this robbery, the parents did the right thing.

Two parents turned their sons over to police after recognizing them in footage of an electronics store burglary which showed a group of five teens helping themselves to stacks of cell phones and laptops.

The mom and dad – who have not been named – took their 14- and 16-year-old children to the police station in Fayetteville, North Carolina, after watching a news broadcast that featured the crime.

Footage of a group of five boys wearing tracksuits and hooded sweaters showed the 3.30am robbery of an independent store called Tech Boyz on December 29.

It isn’t  an easy thing to do, to allow your children to experience arrest and criminal records, but I applaud these  parents for their courage to do the “right thing.” I can only hope and pray that these young men can learn more from it than my son Patrick did.
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