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Jun 162013
Even bad people do some good things

Many of us remember Ted Bundy, the charming psychopathic rapist and murderer, who killed dozens, perhaps as many as a hundred women during the 1970s and maybe earlier. He eventually went to the electric chair for several of these murders committed in Florida.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Bundy Bundy worked for a time at a suicide hot line, sitting […]

Apr 212013
Domestic violence--a family affair

Domestic Abuse It is estimated that 90% of all domestic violence and abuse is perpetrated in front of children.  There are a number of “reasons” for this fact that I can directly relate to my own experiences.  A few of the dynamics that result for children who are raised in an environment of domestic violence […]

Mar 142013
What am I facing when my child breaks the law?

If you have never been involved with the “Criminal Justice System” you may be in for a shock. It should be called, I think, the criminal IN-JUSTICE system. Frankly if you are very wealthy, like O. J. Simpson, you can usually literally “get away with murder.” If not, hiring an attorney for even a simple […]

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