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Jan 282014
The role of mental illness in family dysfunction

Many mental illnesses are unfortunately inherited to one extent or another, and many of these mental illnesses effect the families in very dramatic and tragic ways. They also sometimes lead to big tragedies outside their families such as the case of the school shooter, Adam Lanza,  who killed his mother, then went to a nearby […]

Mar 142013

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2292956/Sandra-Layne-trial-Grandmother-shot-dead-drug-using-grandson-sobs-court.html Sandra Layne age 75, is being charged with shooting her 17 year old grandson, a “troubled teen” who she says she feared. Sandra had taken her “favorite grandson” Jonathan Hoffman, into her home as his parents were divorcing. He was apparently using various drugs, including the “synthetic marijuana” which seems to be making the […]

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