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Mar 292014
Anger management classes don't work

Our courts frequently sentence those convicted of domestic violence or anger management “classes.” Here is an article from the Huff/Post in which a man who was a repeat offender for domestic violence who struck his girl friend with his “anger management work book” Of course at first glance this appears almost funny. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/26/tyler-ford-anger-management_n_5035171.html?utm_hp_ref=crime A man […]

Aug 222013
The Trauma Bond

People frequently ask “why does she stay with him when he beats her up? Why doesn’t she just leave?” On the surface it seems so easy, just leave. Get a restraining order. Prosecute him. Get away and stay away from him. Unfortunately, there is an emotional condition called “Stockholm Syndrome” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome  or “trauma bond” http://www.abuseandrelationships.org/Content/Survivors/trauma_bonding.html  […]

Jul 292013

I just read an amazing article at the blog of wildninja…hers is an amazing blog http://wildninja.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/cdd-is-heresy/ This article is quite long, but very very well written and I encourage people to read the entire article, here is a short clip from it. It concerns people who “justify” or ATTEMPT to justify domestic violence by using  […]

Jun 242013

As a retired registered nurse practitioner with certification in Family Practice, and in my several years of working in the mental health field, in both in and out-patient settings, and in my personal life, I have seen these relationships and the “abused abuser” who has lost the war with the other abuser. Dr. Eric Berne, […]

May 282013

My eldest son, Mike, might have had a chance to develop an understanding of rules, boundaries, consequences, and appropriate behaviors even though his father was an abusive man. Given the fact that he was raised in an abusive family environment, he was doomed from conception. No amount of love, expectations, good intentions, or pleading would […]

Apr 212013
Domestic violence--a family affair

Domestic Abuse It is estimated that 90% of all domestic violence and abuse is perpetrated in front of children.  There are a number of “reasons” for this fact that I can directly relate to my own experiences.  A few of the dynamics that result for children who are raised in an environment of domestic violence […]

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