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Apr 302014
What is "Duping Delight?"

Many people who have dealt with offenders have noticed what some folks call “duping delight” where the offender is actually proud of his “getting away with it.” My son displayed this “duping delight” when he bragged to me that “my crime was even worse than the cops knew” and  T. J. Layne  showed his delight […]

Sep 062013
Why do people cheat?

A research study http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24000799 showed that people who cheat receive a positive, not negative, reinforcement that we might call “duping delight.” This study was cited in Time Magazine  which says in part: It turns out, however, that all of us may get a little boost when we cheat, and researchers showed for the first time […]

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