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Dec 312015
New Year's Eve Thoughts

I don’t know if you sit and take a look at the last year on New Year’s eve, but  I do. I look back and see the things that went well and the things that didn’t go so well. I’ve done this I guess since I became an adult. Since I finally made the conscious […]

Sep 202014
Catastrophic  Thinking-all or nothing

I recently had to go to a court hearing, nothing criminal, but procedural, and the anticipation of this hearing drove me into a complete panic attack, similar I think to the way that Joyce experienced the anticipation of her son’s last parole hearing. I experienced catastrophic thinking and the anxiety left me barely able to […]

Nov 022013
What will the neighbors think?

When I grew up in rural Arkansas during the 1950s and 1960s, if I wanted to do something my parents didn’t approve of they would ask “What would the neighbors think if they knew you did that?” So it was important to our family to maintain our reputation in the community as honest, God-fearing people. […]

Jun 132013

Not long ago a person I know told me that me exposing my soul in grief  publicly online is very unseemly. Apparently this person does not like that  I have openly talked about my grief over my son to the online community. She thinks my grief should be kept “private.” I  explained  to her that […]

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