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Dec 162013

Having been involved for nearly 10 years in the online “support” for victims of offenders, abusers and psychopaths, I have come to understand that it is an unfortunate reality that many of the very people who pretend to be “supportive” of victims, are themselves abusers, who use their “supportive” sites as money making enterprises, to […]

Aug 052013

I’ve often noticed that with people who have an offender in the family they frequently ask if they have given their loved one “enough of a chance” or want to know if there is anything they can do to salvage what they describe very clearly as a dysfunctional relationship with someone who, whatever the clinical […]

May 292013

Sometimes on Family Arrested people may refer to the offender in their lives as an “S-path” or sociopath or psychopath. What does that mean? Are they talking about serial killers? The media equates the terms psychopath and sociopath to mean “serial killer” or someone like Charlie Manson or that Castro guy who kidnapped and held […]

May 282013

My eldest son, Mike, might have had a chance to develop an understanding of rules, boundaries, consequences, and appropriate behaviors even though his father was an abusive man. Given the fact that he was raised in an abusive family environment, he was doomed from conception. No amount of love, expectations, good intentions, or pleading would […]

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