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Aug 222013
The Trauma Bond

People frequently ask “why does she stay with him when he beats her up? Why doesn’t she just leave?” On the surface it seems so easy, just leave. Get a restraining order. Prosecute him. Get away and stay away from him. Unfortunately, there is an emotional condition called “Stockholm Syndrome” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome  or “trauma bond” http://www.abuseandrelationships.org/Content/Survivors/trauma_bonding.html  […]

Jun 252013
Nigella Lawson's abusive marriage

Sometimes in the “information age” something makes headlines because it happens to someone famous, and sometimes because it is so outrageous, and the following story is both. A famous woman is attacked by her husband in public, and caught on camera doing so. Of course he denies it was anything other than he was just […]

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