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Mar 172013

The rape trial in Ohio against Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond has finally come to a conclusion with the verdict of guilty though they have not yet been sentenced.

Sobbing teenage football stars are found guilty of raping drunken ‘dead girl’, 16, whose horrific ordeal was filmed, photographed, and posted across social media in case that shocked America

The two boys, local football heroes from “good families” were tried as juveniles and at age 16 and 17 can only (at most) be held until age 21. Still, that wrecks their lives to some extent. At the protests for the two being tried as juveniles for rape, signs were held up saying “graffiti is a juvenile crime, rape is an adult crime.” While I tend to agree with the sign, I also wonder if these two young men can be rehabilitated as far as their attitudes are concerned.

The victim came from a religious and good family, but she too was engaging in illegal and unwise behavior as many youth do. I doubt that her parents had any idea she was drinking alcohol until she passed out that night. Obviously they trusted that their teachings about acceptable behavior would be honored by their daughter when she went out. Yet, even with what she did which admittedly allowed her to be placed in a situation where she could be taken advantage of, she did not deserve to be violated and humiliated. Those young men acted in a completely unacceptable manner.

The fact that many of her “friends” watched, even filmed the attacks, and did nothing, is very disturbing to me.  That other “friends” would laugh and joke about her being raped is unbelievable and yet, it is true.

The parts of the brains of adolescents that helps to make good judgment and inhibit impulsive behavior does not mature until about age 25 or so, so we do expect that young people make poor judgments and act on impulses without a lot of thought of the possible consequences for their choices. Though more and more young people are being tried as adults and sentenced to very long prison terms, in theory at least, that immaturity is why the law looks at crimes committed by juveniles in a different light than when committed by an adult.

It isn’t unusual to read about some frat pledge who dies of alcohol poisoning at some initiation party. Mixing mind altering drugs (and alcohol is a drug!) and ones that inhibit impulse control with the adolescent brain is asking for trouble.

I feel great empathy for the families of both the young men and for the girl and her family. Though her name has not been published, everyone in her little town knows what happened to her so her trauma is well known.

The victim’s mother publicly forgave at least one of the rapists. I’m all for forgiveness, even if the abuser doesn’t show contrition. I believe forgiveness is for us, not them. It doesn’t mean we are giving them a pass it simply means we will no longer harbor bitterness in our own souls to eat us like a cancer.

The astonishing moment mother FORGIVES one of her daughter’s rapists as he offers a tearful apology in court… even though his victim does not feel the same

Joyce Alexander, RNP, retired

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  43 Responses to “Terrible consequences for everyone Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond rape young woman, then post the video online

  1. Sky- Thanks for the update. He hosted the party at his house, may or may not have provided the alcohol, but certainly didn’t take it away from any of them and knew what was going on as well as what ultimately happened and he gets a slap on the wrist, a wag of the finger and told he did wrong… Yeah, whoopity-dooo-dah to that. Where’s the incentive for him NOT to do that again? And what else happened there before this that wasn’t brought to the public’s attention?

  2. This comment was in the section below the story Skylar linked to-

    “USNavySquid •
    If my daughter was raped in your house while you were the only adult there, Steubenville coach meet Louisville slugger.”

    Not that vigilante justice should be allowed or that anyone has the right to do this, but I can certainly understand their frustration levels.

    • There was a case not too long ago when a father found a man raping his 9 year old daughter and beat the man to death with his fists. The father was NOT prosecuted.

      I’m not for vigilante justice where a gang of people or even one person goes to someone else’s house and attacks them for some crime they did in the past…but when it is going on in front of your eyes, it is my opinion that you should subdue the offender on the spot with whatever means necessary.

  3. WOW! Talk about “tacky” it is unbelievable to me that this young man would be accepted back on the team where he raped and filmed the rape of a young woman. WHAT school would allow that in all good conscience?


    • Joyce……….the word, “tacky,” doesn’t work for me in this instance. I believe and feel that it is OUTRAGEOUS that this young man would be “allowed,” “invited,” or “encouraged” to participate in ANY extra-curricular activities that do not involve victim restitution or public service. Period.

      I cannot imagine what ails the School Board, the District Superintendent, OR the local magistrate/legal system to allow such a scandalous and appalling thing to happen.

      That kid should be spending EVERY waking hour when he’s not in classes or studying on PUBLIC SERVICE and VICTIM RESTITUTION. Period. Until he’s 35 years old, he (and, the other convicts of this crime) should be atoning for his sins.

      Damitol, but this really infuriates me.

      • Me too, Truthy, I used “tacky” because I knew the profanity nanny would ###### the word I really wanted to use. LOL

        Personally I don’t think he should have been allowed back in that school at all. He obviously has NO SHAME to come back there, and all his buds will see that raping a girl has very little consequences, you’re still a football hero. UGH!

  4. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Joyce will continue to be offline until about July 21. I am certain that she’ll have a story to tell upon her return…………


  5. Well, I’m baaaaak!!!! almost burned my housej down with a fire on the back deck smoking meat! All is well, mostly damaged a few boards and burned my internet connection in two. But I’m back up now. Thank goodness no worse damage was done. Lesson learned about smoking meat on a wooden deck. Ashes do fall out of the smoker.

  6. Well, Trent Mays was released after only TWO YEARS and he wept…I am not sure why this young man was not kept in prison for decades, I guess because he was a “foot ball star” What a piece of dung this young man is. I wonder how long before he injures another woman or girl.


    • Joyce, what a terrible travesty! And, I’m shocked, but not surprised.

      Referring to my response to the Prince Andrew issue, INFLUENCE plays such a role in meting out of justice. Power, influence, money, fame, etc………..those things factor so heavily, and I don’t believe that the scales of justice will ever be balanced.

      As for how long it’s going to be before Mays harms another person? Not long. Someone who is THAT comfortable hurting someone else is addicted to that feeling of power, and that’s just about it. Now, what’s going to happen the NEXT time? Hopefully, he won’t end up murdering someone and he’ll spend most of his natural life behind bars.

      Then, there’s Karma – Karma will come knocking at everyone’s door in its own good time. I’ve met Karma, and others have, as well. Karma doesn’t work through malice or a sense of vengeance. Karma sets the Universe back into balance, IMHO. So…..this guy is going to have to stand accountable for what he’s done, one way or another.

      He most CERTAINLY is a piece of steaming, stinking shiat.

  7. Here’s a very interesting article on a study done asking college male students if they would rape if there were “no consequences” and about 1/3 of them said yes. Wow, that is shocking but not really surprising to me.

    Close to 1-in-3 collegiate males admitted in a recent study they would force a woman to sexual intercourse, but many would not consider that rape, Newsweek reports.

    The survey found 31.7 percent of men said they would act on “intentions to force a woman to sexual intercourse” if they could get away with it, but just 13.6 percent said they had “intentions to rape a woman” if there weren’t any consequences.


    The authors of this study note the difference relies on whether or not they described what constitutes sexual assault, versus whether they simply called it rape. For this study, the researchers defined rape as “intercourse by use of force or threat of force against a victim’s wishes.”

    When combined with what the study’s authors described as “callous sexual attitudes,” the results suggest a man with a hostile attitude toward women may view “forced intercourse as an achievement,” and a woman saying “no” could be “perceived as a token resistance consistent with stereotypical gender norms.”

    The study, “Denying Rape but Endorsing Forceful Intercourse: Exploring Differences Among Responders,” was published in the peer-reviewed journal Violence and Gender in December. University of North Dakota psychology professor Sarah R. Edwards was the lead researcher.

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