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A newer way of looking at addictions — 2 Comments

  1. Joyce, this is a fascinating article and I agree that the majority of addictions come down to choices.

    I also agree with the belief that certain entities WANT to keep the flames fanned on the “War On Drugs.” This is a raging debate among many – we MUST save the public from themselves, and I disagree with this atrocious waste of time, resources, and lives. Yet, many substances are illegal, and with that life come the consequences of breaking the Law.

    I also feel that children are introduced to concepts and terminology that they are NOT prepared (or, mature enough) to process. These children return home after a D.A.R.E. program and see a parent having a beer or glass of wine and begin questioning their parent about being an addict.

    The “War On Anything,” be it drugs or obesity, is a huge economic drain. Once the gubmint calls it a “war,” all bets are off and the responsibility of each individual to take control of their own choices and decisions is neatly removed. Addicts are thrust into the role of “victim,” through “no fault of their own.” UGH!!!

    EXCELLENT article, Joyce!

  2. Yea, Truthy, there are so many DOLLARS involved in this….money for police departments to build them up, and money for rehabilitation folks who get their living from “rehabing” these folks, Money for courts and lawyers and so on…it is all about MONEY and if drugs were decriminilized then all these folks would be out of a job. DUH???

    Prohibition of alcohol didn’t work, and prohibition of drugs isn’t working except for fueling the gangs and the cops in this “war” where the public loses…legalizing and controlling I think is a better option and would be cheaper in many ways….if an addict didn’t have to rob your house to get money for his drugs (at a higher price than legal ones would be) then robberies would go down…murders would go down, numbers in prison would go down, but I don’t see that happening any time soon, even with the research Dr. Hart is doing. But his research is a START and I hope that others in his field will get on the band wagon and do more research.

    The research on the human genome and psychopathy and ADHD and other mental problems and conditions is finally making great progress and it too started with a few people making new roads in that direction. Now there is a freeway transporting knowledge at high speeds. The new test that has been approved by the FDA for ADHD is only one of the latest improvements.

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