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Aaron Hernandez — 17 Comments

  1. Yea, Sky, this guy had the sports world by the tail, and 40+ MILLION bucks on the line…the rumor is that he killed this guy because the guy knew about two previous murders Aaron had done…the guy may have been black mailing him, who knows.

    Too many of our sports and media stars end up being involved in drugs and crime, even if the crime is killing themselves with drugs and alcohol.

    Also, I think that many of the young men in professional ball teams have come from the “hood” and the street culture of drugs, gangs and violence and when their talent for playing ball gets them millions of dollars, their arrogance and violence comes out and they feel like they are above everyone else, and whatever they do they will get away with.

    To me the video of him coming into the house with the gun afterwards, his own security system is the telling piece of evidence. Of course in our country people are presumed innocent until convicted, but I have a feeling that the DA has a lot of evidence to work with.

  2. Omigosh, I can login!

    This article was very, very sad and very, very disturbing.

    I don’t know what causes a person to go off their rails in a drug-induced state and commit murder. I know that I have experienced a “red” rage and attacked the exspath, but I didn’t commit murder.

    I don’t think that I can even make a rational comment on this because I just don’t “get it.” It SOUNDS remorseful, but there will never be any way to determine whether this man is, or not.

    • I think I posted my comment, above, to the wrong article! LMAO

      Violence begets violence. Period. Sometimes, people DO snap if they’re pushed into a corner, but it’s not with an INTENT. It’s an emotional response or reaction.

      Hernandez………this guy is walking, talking violence, and he’s displayed this over a number of years. More about this will undoubtedly surface.

  3. Glad you are able to post again, Truthy….we are experiencing some problems with the blog and even my very smart and computer savy IT person is having difficulty sorting out all the problems. For a while it wouldn’t let me log on. LOL

  4. When I first heard about this guy, I immediately thought that he was a psychopath. Hernandez doesn’t seem to be visibly upset over the fact that he murdered another human being – he shows no emotion, being very telling. He is a danger to society. He’s destroyed his life because of his criminal mindset. One story that I read early on, mentioned that Hernandez might have been involved with dealing drugs. Who knows. He has a hair trigger temper, everyone needing to stay clear of him.

  5. I agree with you Blue, he seems pretty “calm” about being arrested…and his off the field behavior that was KNOWN kept him low on the draft picks even though he was great ON the field.

    Being a great ball player doesn’t make you a great human being, it just gives you fame, feeds your arrogance, gives you unlimited money, and hey, look at OJ Simpson…I don’t think there is anyone in the world who doesn’t think he was guilty of killing his wife and her friend, yet the jury let him off. But he didn’t stop his violence there, and he did get caught and sent to prison then and I’m glad he is behind bars. The man is violent.

    In the days of the Roman Empire the gladiators were treated like gods so this idolizing of the sports figures is not something new.

  6. UPDATE: Hernandez may have gotten his GF to dispose of the gun video shows.

    Accomplices in love: Aaron Hernandez may have asked his girlfriend to get rid of his gun

    Shayanna Jenkins, Aaron Hernandez’s longtime girlfriend, may have helped him dispose of the gun allegedly used to kill Odin Lloyd, newly unsealed warrants show
    Jenkins was seen in camera leaving Hernandez’s home with a lock box the day after the murder
    She returned to the home 35 minutes later without the box
    Police searched a Bristol, Connecticut storage facility where they believe Jenkins may have disposed of the weapon

    By Laurie Kamens

    PUBLISHED: 17:50 EST, 10 August 2013 | UPDATED: 17:50 EST, 10 August 2013



    Shayanna Jenkins, girlfriend of former New England Patriot and accused killer Aaron Hernandez, may have helped him dispose of the weapon that allegedly killed Odin Lloyd, newly unsealed search warrants reveal.

    Two recently revealed warrants authorized a search of a Bristol, Connecticut storage facility where investigators believe that Jenkins may have disposed of the gun the day after the murder occurred.

    Authorities connected Jenkins to the weapon with surveillance video footage that shows her carrying a lock box in which the gun may have been stored out of Hernandez’s home.


  7. UPDATE:

    Aaron Hernandez smirks in court as he is indicted in the murder of semi-pro football player whose bullet-riddled body was found a mile from NFL star’s home

    Former New England Patriot has been indicted on first-degree murder charge in the death of Odin Lloyd whose body was found June 17
    On Thursday, he looked at ease and mouthed ‘I love you’ to someone in court
    Hernandez, 23, ‘killed Odin, 27, because he was upset with him for talking to people he did not like at a nightclub days earlier’
    The former football star faces life in prison if he is convicted

    Well, “ain’t that special” as the church lady used to say on SNL…smirking in court when he could do life for murder. Talk about someone arrogant. YUK!

    • just………………..wow………………….

      He’s obviously “immune” to the consequences of his actions, and simply doesn’t care.


  8. That’s what it appears to me Truthy, sure does. That smirk smacks of “duping delight” of the psychopath who thinks he put one over on the world.

    I’ve commented on this before but my son Patrick actually thinks of himself as a “successful” person, even though he has been in prison essentially his entire adult life except for a total of about 12 months on the outside. He thinks he knows all about finances, and so on…he’s never had an apartment or house of his own, has no idea how to function in the free world, but he KNOWS IT ALL…LOL

    The thing is though that if Hernandez goes to prison he will be a celebrity there just like OJ…sigh….

  9. Well, he finally got convicted and sent to prison…but I imagine like OJ he will be a “star” among the other inmates…at least as long as there are young enough inmates to remember his “glory days” on the field. I also imagine as he ages and the prison population stays primarily young, he will be forgotten as a “star” when the gang bangers of 2030 and 2050 don’t remember he was a star.

  10. I see in today’s news he is being charged with another murder. Not surprising, he killed a witness to another murder, an ex friend. The arrogance that these psychopaths display is absolutely unbelievable, and yet…I believe! When someone h as charm and talent and could be a total success in life, it is such a shame when they waste it by having so conscience. They are not able to enjoy intimacy and caring. What a waste of an otherwise talented person.

    Apparently the police are going to pursue another conviction on the off chance he pulls an appeal that is successful on the first case.

    • Godalmighty, it’s just baffling to me that people can do these things because I cannot, in my wildest nightmares, imagine living in such a cold, cold, depraved world……


  11. Truthy, it is the total lack of a conscience and the sense of entitlement that the psychopath feels to have what they want and if you come into their way, offing you is okay. Fortunately his fame didn’t get him a pass on this one like OJ’s did…but OJ, having skated on the murder charge did get caught on the armed robbery charge so at least he is in prison now.

    Sports and other stars are sometimes psychopaths to start with, and sometimes the fame goes to their heads and just makes them utter jerks, but I think this guy is just mean to the bone and a certified psychopath

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