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Bill Cosby — 77 Comments

  1. Well, now BC is getting his daughter to speak out and accuse all the women accusing her father of rape to be lying. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/16/bill-cosby-daughter-statement_n_6334700.html.

    Now the association of black journalists has slammed BC for saying that they should “remain neutral.”

    The National Association of Black Journalists is responding to Bill Cosby’s comments regarding coverage of the rape allegations against him.

    Cosby on Friday spoke with the New York Post’s Page Six, breaking his silence on the sexual assault allegations more than 20 women have made against him. While the 77-year-old did not address the accusations specifically, he did address the press’ response to them.

    “Let me say this. I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind,” he said.


    The article said “In response, Bob Butler, the president of the NABJ, told TMZ all reports relating to the assault claims have been unbiased, and race is not a factor.

    “You don’t go easier on a person [of] color. [It’s] wrong for journalism period,” he said. “This not a color issue, this is a journalism issue … black people happen to be reporters.”

    Looks like BC is sort of freaking out at the number of women who have accused him, and the fact that people seem to believe the 20+ women and NOT his refusal to answer. He may not be answering but he is getting is poor wife and his youngest daughter to speak out and claim his innocence. Makes me want to puke.

  2. Well, the following article is a new twist on the BC saga…one of his alleged victims has hired an attorney and filed for defamation and that will require him to answer questions under oath…interesting gambit, and since legal charges can’t be laid due to the time constraints this may be a way to “get” to him and keep him from hiding out under “no comment”


    Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • Joyce, I think it’s brilliant to have hired an attorney to force answers, even though it borders on showboating, etc. Cosby’s silence screams louder than any verbal defense, and the alleged victims AND the accused have a civil right to seek relief from Law.

      Wow………it’s all very sad and disturbing, but it is just another fact to concede: anyone can be a predator, regardless of the illusion that they develop for themselves.

  3. Yea, I think it is brilliant as well…and you know, if he purgers himself even in a civil suit there can be all kinds of repercussions and so I hope this gets some play in the media when it happens, I will follow the story as long as it goes on.

    It offends me for someone to “get away” with this kind of abuse and serial rape for DECADES and never pay the penalty…look at Jerry Sandusky, he eventually got caught and of course he and his wife still claim he is innocent, but a JURY didn’t believe him and neither do I.

  4. Well now BC has hired some lawyers and PIs to “get the dirt on” his accusers, you know. I do NOT care if every one of these women is a HO…they did not deserve to be raped, and you know, I sincerely doubt that 20+ of them conspired to lie about him. LOL

    (Newser) – Bill Cosby plans to fire back at his rape accusers by digging up tidbits about their past—or, rather, paying private investigators six-figure sums to do so for him, according to unnamed sources in the New York Post. A firm in Glendale, Calif., and about six former LAPD detectives are said to be on the payroll. “If you’re going to say to the world that I did this to you, then the world needs to know, ‘What kind of person are you? Who is this person that’s saying it?'” Cosby told his PR and legal people at a recent meeting where he specifically targeted accusations by supermodel Beverly Johnson, a source says.


    • Joyce, all I can type is……………..holy shiatballs.

      Remember that movie back in the ’80’s with Jodi Foster as a victim of gang-rape in a bar? It was a terrible example of how the victims are scrutinized, STILL, as to how/why they “enticed” nice guys into committing heinous crimes………….

      It just makes me furious. Nobody deserves to be assaulted, s-exually, or otherwise (except the exspath! LMAO!). I mean, some people actually are quite deserving of a good beating, but a victim of r-ape or any kind of s-exual assault doesn’t “ask for it.”

      And, for crying out loud, when-oh-when will we EVER stop associating that kind of crime with S-E-X?! It’s not about that, at all. It’s about humiliation, degradation, objectification, and dehumanization. Someone has some deep, deep hatred to commit that kind of crime, IMHO. Eugh…..

  5. Truthy, yes I do remember that movie. After my rape and beating at the hands of my biological father, a friend took me to the police, and the cop actually asked me if he had raped me and I denied it.

    When I was growing up, it was totally okay for a defense attorney to GRILL a rape victim on the stand about every sexual experience she had ever had in the past, and of course this was in the day when “premarital” s-ex was a big “shame” It went on of course but the treatment of a woman who was not white, and a virgin was terrible.

    In my history research, back in the 1700s in this country , an unmarried woman who had gotten pregnant, especially an indentured servant, was WHIPPED 50 lashes on the bare. If she was indentured, her indenture was increased by one year as well. Even a free woman was automatically considered to be an UNfit parent, and the father, if he wanted the child could have it. He was not unfit but SHE was proven unfit because she had sex before marriage.

    At the same time this was the public and legal thinking, a woman who was a midwife and kept a diary of her births for 40 years, found that 40% of all first children, even for married couples were conceived BEFORE marriage.

    Rape victims seldom if ever “complained” because of the shame that was on THEM. Unless the victim was white and the attacker black, but even then most times it was hushed up because the woman would be “soiled”

    In the late 1700s and early 1800s “bastard” children usually took the name of the mother, whether it was rape or voluntary s-ex.

    On up until well after I was born, a birth certificate had a question about “was the child legitimate” or “Illegitimate” and that followed that person for the rest of their lives. Girls from “good” families were sent to stay with an aunt or friend until the baby was born then given up for adoption privately.

    Powerful men could easily get away with rape, multiple rapes, and Cousby is a perfect example of this. Powerful men also had many affairs, .look at JFK and his brothers, and the affairs with Marilyn Monroe smuggled into the back door of the White House. And in those days the press was much more cooperative than now and wouldn’t expose even a “well known secret.”

    Yea, I doubt that any of these women were the Virgin Mary but it doesn’t matter if they were paid HOs, they did not deserve this, no woman does. His attempt to blame the victim only shows me that he still does not accept responsibility for what he did. Typical psychopathic behavior in my opinion.

    This will all be interesting to see if it blows over or if it goes to court in a civil trial. No matter what he does in trying to blame the victim, I don’t think that dog will hunt.

  6. Another sex scandal is cropping up in the media again, though it has been a “story” for quite some time. Prince Andrew of the UK is denying any of the allegations against him, and his convicted pedophile friend, who served ONLY 18 months in prison for what most men would have spent 18 years or more, goes to show that powerful and rich men can many times get away with a slap on the wrist or no consequences at all.


    Andrew has been a fairly frequent embarrassment to the Queen for quite a few years, as well as his ex wife, Fergie…it might get really complicated though if Andrew is criminally charged in the US since some of the alleged crimes took place on US soil.

    Another child molester was arrested and sentenced to a long prison term, and at his age, probably a life sentence,

    A former federal cyber-security expert who used his professional skills to hide his membership of a ‘dark web’ child pornography ring called PedoBook has been jailed for 25 years.

    Timothy DeFoggi, 56, of Germantown, Maryland, joined a Tor-based website which featured images of child sex abuse believing that his activity would be completely anonymous.

    However, federal investigators discovered DeFoggi, who was the former acting director of cyber-security at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, joined the Tor-network-based website on March 2, 2012 until the site was taken down by the FBI on December 8, 2012.

    According to court documents, DeFoggi wanted to meet up with a fellow PedoBook member to fulfil his fantasy of raping and murdering a small child.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2898527/Former-director-cyber-security-Department-Health-sentenced-25-years-participating-child-pornography-ring-depraved-shocked-veteran-investigators.html#ixzz3O41HuyQR

    At least this man received an “appropriate” sentence in my opinion…I doubt that Prince Andrew or Bill Cosby will receive more than “bad press”

    • Joyce, I agree that rich and powerful people seem to “get away” with very, very disturbing behaviors. I experienced such a situation, myself, as I’ve mentioned in other posts.

      When there is clout, money, and influence, getting to the FACTS and sorting out JUSTICE is (and, always shall be) a fantasy.


  7. on the above link the net nasty nanny ###’d out play-boy so you have to replace the ### with the words, don’t forget to put the dash before the words and after. I think it is ONE word, not two. LOL

    • Joyce, I find it interesting that the headline has the word, “victim,” in quotation marks. I can actually visualize some moron speaking the word, “victim,” and making the quotation gesture with their fingers while rolling their eyes. “Alleged victim,” is how that headline should have read, WITHOUT the quotation marks!

      So, the victim was a st-ripper? What does THAT have to do with someone committing a crime? I have a feeling that, no matter HOW the criminal action pans out for Ms. Goins, SHE is going to be the one on trial, NOT Cosby.

      When people drug a victim and then do whatever they wish to that person, it’s almost like ne-crophilia – the object is just that: an object that neither contributes nor declines.

      What a nasty, nasty thing……………….makes me sick.

  8. I don’t care if she is a drug addict low rent district street walker, she has the RIGHT not to be drugged and raped, and you are probably right that she will be on trial, BUT it isn’t as bad as it was a few decades ago where the person’s entire sexual history comes out in a rape trial. I’m glad she’s got the back bone to come forward and I hope the DA will protect her to the best of his ability.

  9. Bill Cosby Dropped By Talent Agency CAA
    Headshot of Stephanie Marcus
    Stephanie Marcus
    Entertainment Editor, Huffington Post

    Posted: 07/08/2015 | Edited: 1 minutes ago

    Bill Cosby has been dumped by his talent agency, CAA, and is currently without representation, according to Deadline Hollywood.

    According to the website, Creative Artists Agency actually cut ties with him late last year — well before the Associated Press obtained previously sealed court documents in which the 77-year-old admitted he bought Quaaludes with the intention of giving them to women he intended to have sex with, and admitted to giving a sedative to at least one woman.

    The agency, who represented the actor and comedian since 2012, remained tight-lipped about the split, only telling Deadline, “We do not represent [Cosby] at this time.”

    Cosby, who has now been accused of sexual assault by more than two dozen women, has never been charged with a crime. Additionally, the statute of limitations on most of the allegations has already expired, however, several of Cosby’s accusers are currently suing the actor for defamation.

    Cosby’s longtime rep David Brokaw declined comment to Deadline and has yet to respond to request for comment made by The Huffington Post.

    YOU KNOW IT IS ABOUT TIME. Also, another article said that a woman he raped in 2008 is being investigated and is in the statute of limitations so CAN BE TRIED. I hope on hope that it goes to trial.

    • Joyce, my feelings about the decades of crime that Cosby was involved in is that he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. Period.

      “But, TRUTHSPEAK!! He was Doctor Huckstable!” No, folks. He was an ACTOR playing the role of a character. Actors act. That’s why they’re actors. And, the fact that Cosby felt it necessary to purchase quaaludes in order to force his actions on another human being is reflective of the DEPTH of psychopathology that he has. Period.

      I cannot imagine what his family is experiencing, but I’d be divorced from that man as soon as I found out what he was, AND I would make sure that I took what I was entitled to BEFORE he lost it all in defense attorneys.

      What a horrible man.

  10. You are right, Truthy, and that earlier law suit where the woman took money and signed a “privacy” statement and all the records were sealed (until recently apparently) I blame her too for allowing him to continue. I understand why she did it, and I don’t think it was all greed, as he was a powerful person (yea, the kindly doctor) but I think his ship is sunk now and I would also love to see him convicted and sent to prison.

    I think he has been afraid since they started coming out of the wood work that the old records would surface so he could deny deny deny until the bitter end, but I think that END is here and I applaud all the women who have come forward and opened up about what he did to them.

    What a perverted human he is and I agree, a psychopath.

    • Joyce, I don’t know why people accept settlements and sign disclosure agreements, either. In my mind, OUTING the criminal basterds is far more important than the financial compensation could ever be. BUT………..there could be extenuating circumstances or even a greedy person behind that decision – we’ll never really know.

      But, what is glaringly apparent is that Cosby’s ship has, indeed, sunk to the sandy bottom. He is 77 years old and will NEVER work in the entertainment industry, again. He will spend millions of dollars in legal fees, settlements, fines, and compensations – he’s going to end up JUST like OJ Simpson did. Behind bars.

      Cosby is a case-study in psychopathology – what he presented is the antithesis of what he truly is. He’s a monster and a coward. Sort of like the second exspath that I married, except that moron didn’t have charm, money, or a career worth speaking of.

      EUGH………..what a world

  11. Okay…………this is a CLEAR example of enabling, denial, and possible co-psychopathology, IMHO:


    That Mrs. Cosby was “aware” that her husband, spouse, and father of her children was a “serial philanderer,” but defends him by adamantly stating that the women who are accusing him of se-xual assault and drugging them are LYING and actively consented to the s-exual activities makes me physically nauseous. If she truly believes these outrageous assumptions, what does that say about HER?

    Any type of “serial” behaviors are a huge, huge, HUGE Red Flag. What “serial philanderer” means is that Cosby had NO appreciation, understanding of, or intent to adhere to his marital vows OR social mores (pronounced: More – aze). He didn’t care enough to acknowledge his weaknesses and manage them. This, in turn, put his wife and family in jeopardy on every level: medical, physical, spiritual, social, financial……….

    We really need to hold these kinds of people accountable for their behaviors and choices. It’s not as if Cosby doesn’t know right from wrong – he is NOT mentally impaired. He has a disorder that cannot be medicated, treated, counseled, or driven away by any shaman. What Cosby is is a full-blown psychopath, and his wife is living in the most public state of denial that I can imagine. What a horror.

    Camille Cosby stated in the article above[ “According to the family source, Camille confided, “You have to allow for space to let your partner do what he wants. I have done that and [Bill] has done that and there’s no jealously, no friction.” ] She also vehemently sounds off about the “invasion of privacy” that has resulted since Cosby was OUTED as a philanderer of the worst kind.

    Although I can “understand” Camille’s denial on a personal level, I do not have any pity for her because she CHOSE to remain with a man who was unfaithful and probably a rapist. And, what does this do for the entire family?

    I’m just shaking my head, here………….and, saying, WTF? A celebrity is constantly in the eye of the public whether they do so willingly, or not. That is the price for celebrity. There are many, many actors out there who keep a very, VERY private life that is separate from their career. What they might or might not do is kept VERY private, and they make that happen because somehow, they maintain that bit of dignity and humanity. The celebrities that remain in the public eye are either hounded by paparazzi, or they behave in such manners that leave them open to public ridicule and examination.

    Camille Cosby has NO BUSINESS to feel unhappy about the “invasion of privacy.” Perhaps, she should have left the cash cow, long ago, and lived a quite, private life. It was her choice to remain with someone who was engaging in risky behaviors that would inevitably wind up in front of a judge’s bench.


    • Truthy, I agree that her behavior enabled him to do what he did, however, maybe, just maybe she has been trauma bonded to him. I will bet my back teeth that a man like him was no sweet, caring, loving, kind husband to her. He obviously views women as less than worthy, so I bet he “trained” her to be “open” about his se-x outside the marriage, even if she knew about it before the first law suit. But when someone is trauma bonded to a monster they also may do and say things that are hurtful and/or illegal. Look at Patty hearst robbing a bank!

      • Joyce, I also need to contemplate my actions with my first husband, Victor. He was very abusive, on every level, and there came a time when I truly believed that I deserved no better.

        Camille had a lot at stake if she left her husband. She would have to split the finances and properties, but she would also risk becoming a nameless shadow rather than maintain her status as BC’s wife.

        I realize and accept that “open marriages” do exist and that some people are very comfortable with it. For me, unless it’s a part of a mainstream culture and is not abusive to any parties involved, it’s none of my business. But, my gut feeling is that drugging ANYONE with, or without, their consent in order to have s-ex with them speaks of a serious issue.

        I may have posted this story, before, but it’s true and resonant with the debacle between Cosby and his wife.

        A few years ago, a local man was arrested for r-aping a teenaged high school girl after providing alcohol while his wife video recorded the whole thing. When he was arrested and his house searched, investigators found HUNDREDS of video recordings of him, his wife, and the both of them engaging in all manners of s-exual activities. His wife was the second for him, and she had JUST had a baby about 5 months prior to the arrest.

        I knew his first wife – she was a former student of mine. She spoke, in detail, about how she had discovered his activities 10 years prior to his arrest and left him, immediately, and contacted the authorities about his behaviors. She had 2 daughters and they were ages 10 and 2, at that time.

        So, the authorities ignored her concerns and, subsequently, after his arrest she wanted supervised visitation ordered because of his activities, and the Family Judge denied her request by saying that he was a danger to other girls, but not his own.

        There is a dreadful and irreversible message that men send to their daughters when they are serial philanderers, or criminals. Fathers play a critical role in the development of their daughters, and both of those girls were still in therapy when I closed my business up here.

        Cosby has done great damage. Camille has accepted his behaviors as “okay,” but I have to believe (from my OWN experiences) that she was, indeed, trauma-bound as you suggested, Joyce, and that she was simply NOT willing to risk losing HER status, power, and money in a divorce.

        • to clarify………..the wife of the man who was arrested was party to video recording HUNDREDS of s-exual interactions with various under aged girls, and participating in the assaults.

          She was probably 25 at the time, her husband was 45, and she lost her baby, went to prison, and will forever be labeled a s-exual predator, along with her husband.

          The authorities had a number of complaints issued by parents in the area, and a couple of actual criminal complaints filed, but it never amounted to more than community service and, “Hey, fella, just don’t get CAUGHT, and we’ll be square, here.” It was outrageous……..the whole thing.

  12. Truthy, one of the “tasks” we have as senior adults is to reconcile our lives…how will people remember us? to put to rest regrets, etc. to come to peace with the fact that our lives on earth are going to end before too many more years. Some people never accomplish this in a positive manner and they become bitter old people holding on to the hurts and regrets and hate. Others come to peace and acceptance

    I think Cosby’s WHOLE existence is what his reputation is, not what he actually is, and that here at the end of his life, though he still justifies what he did (arrogance) to himself, that he is ALL about protecting his reputation in show business. I don’t know what his financial situation is but he may be working for the money or he may be working for the glorification. But even if it never goes to trial, HE IS A RUINED MAN because having an EMPTY emotional shell, his reputation is all about his own “glory” and he has TOTALLY lost that.

    Yea, oj walked from the murder charges because of his slick lawyer and the jury not wanting to bring down a grid iron “hero” but his own psychopathic ARROGANCE got him involved in the robbery and that went south for him, so he did go to prison. I have the feeling that the longish sentence he got for that may be because the judge thought he got off the first one, so stick it to him now. No proof of that just MHO.

  13. Here is a really good article about the Bill Cosby case, and there yet may be a way to prosecute him for all the rapes as he is ACCUSED OF BEING A SERIAL RAPIST. There is no statute of limitations on a federal prosecution for rape.


    I was unaware of the difference between federal law on rape and state laws, but glad to know that some states at least are abolishing the statute of limitations on rape or other sexual abuse.

    The trauma that comes from being raped is a difficult one to over come. The person (man or woman) who engages in sexual abuse, and especially with minors has done major harm to the psychological health and sometimes physical health of the victims.

    Working in public health clinics I have seen the results on children who were raped and molested and in many cases, even with good therapy, the devastation of the child’s life.

  14. From Camille’s statements in the article Truthy links to, it sounds to me like they would have had more of an open marriage, allowing him to sleep with whoever he wants. She sounds like she was fine with that, with exception to the part about him drugging women to do it. If his wife had come forward and said this, it might have come off sounding like she is not a delusional person living in denial about what has happened. With her stance, she is partially to blame as well. She is an accomplice. She knew and did nothing.

    As it was asked somewhere upwards in the comments, how would he have felt if he found out one of his daughters was married to someone like himself? It further begs the question- Would he want the man dead or would they be having a drink and comparing notes on “How To”???

    This whole thing is just a big disgusting mess. Whether or not BC gets his just deserves here on earth, when he meets his maker, he will stand alone before Him and atone for what he’s done.

  15. Phoenix, I truly believe we will have to account for our lives on earth after death and I don’t think he has “repented” of anything but getting caught.

    As for his wife, she always appeared to me to be an abused woman. There is something about her, the way she sits and talks etc that makes me think she is not so much an accomplice as a victim as well. WHY she allowed herself to be victimized all those years Ii don’t know, maybe it was a trauma bond, maybe it was the children, maybe it was his money and power, who knows.

    I have little doubt that he is a psychopath and we all know how they can trauma bond mates and lovers to themselves.

    But even if he does not go to jail he is a pariah to the world now and the secret is out, and I think the SECRET being out is the WORST punishment he could have. Jail would be nice too, but the big dirty nasty hateful secret that he is a SERIAL RAPIST I think will send him to his grave unhappy. His empty shell that he used to seek “love” from the public is GONE and the real, ugly creep is EXPOSED. Finally.

  16. Truthy, your story above about the criminal couple and the visitation with the children is an other example of why our JUDGES are many times IDIOTS, or worse. They don’t use common sense that a man like that is NOT A GOOD FATHER FIGURE and that he should not be allowed ANY visitation with his children EVER. Not even supervised visitation.

    The fact that the authorities did not believe the first wife or the parents of girls he molested also speaks to the problems with the DAs and the Cops assuming that none of these charges are true.

    In the BC case many of these women didn’t speak up because NO ONE would have believed them because BC had the status and power to get around it. But that’s a fact of life in the world we live in. Life ain’t fair for sure.

    I do hope now though that Cosby does go to prison but even if he doesn’t he and his wife are BOTH shamed and outcast pariahs and I think that for him that may be as bad as prison. Also I think that these women will file a financial suit against him collectively and get every dollar he has or make him spend it on lawyers. In any case, no matter what happens, he is TOAST.

    • Joyce, I read the article and the one, single sentence that stood out was, “…Through it all, his manner was largely one of casual indifference.”

      Cosby is, without a doubt, a s-exual predator and 100% sociopathic. Just because he didn’t say, “You know what? I am, indeed, a s-exual predator and I used and abused women for my own purposes,” does NOT mean that he isn’t one.

      The “…casual indifference…” is the key to the door of that dark, dark universe. He could NOT care any less about the women that he betrayed, including his wife who, for all intents and purposes, is likely trauma-bound and so full of fear and shame for COSBY’S behaviors that she cannot see any other way of living.

      Prison. This man needs prison. And, his victims deserve financial compensation for the humiliation and abuses that they experienced at HIS hands via HIS manipulations and betrayals.

      Cosby claimed, [“I think I’m a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic s-exual things, whatever you want to call them,” he said.] What he’s saying is that he is excusing the use of money, career opportunities, and sedatives to cajole and TAKE his pleasures from barely legal women because they apparently were ASKING for it.

      He is, indeed, arrogant, perverted, and a total criminal. He is no better than any other psychopath who has use, abused, and discarded other human being for their own entertainments. What a PIG………..

      • Cosby is arrogant and SELFISH, completely full of himself. Does it ever occur to him that most of his victims might have been repulsed by his sexual deviancy? He does not think about or consider the actual well-being of anyone, but himself. I can’t stand him.

        • Bluejay, great to “see” you!

          No…….it never occurs to a spath that their targets are repulsed or unwilling. If they are unwilling or repulsed, it’s THEIR fault for not being mesmerized by the spath.

          No, he doesn’t even consider his OWN well-being because anyone with a brain between their ears might consider the issue of STD’s.

          And, though his wife might be enabling him, I “pity” her, but I do NOT feel “sorry” for her, if that makes any sense. I was trauma-bonded to a violent abuser, and I did not believe that I had any options other than to stay and take it. I did “wake up,” at one point, but most victims of domestic violence leave their abusers no less than 6 times before they leave for good. Even then, they often go back……….very messed up.

          So……I have “compassion” for Camille, but there’s a limit to the level of empathy that I feel, there.

          • Truthy, I agree about the “compassion” which I think is EMPATHY, but not “feeling sorry” which is frequently used as a synanom for compassion. I think you nailed the correct term. I feel COMPASSION for her, but she will have to take the consequences of her own choices, just like the rest of us. Also at her advanced age etc I think it will be very very difficult for her to leave him.

            I think that legal fees and judgments will totally bankrupt the couple. Actually I thinnk the smartest thing for them both is for her to file for divorce NOW, take half their joint money, which would protect it from the judgments so at least she would have that much. Wonder if that is going to happen? Time will tell.

  17. I saw an article today where his attorney said “Just because he used drugs recreationally doesn’t mean he raped anyone.” LOL ROTFLMAO I swear his attorney is going to have to defend him with a “straight face” like he doesn’t believe BC is guilty of what he is accused of.

    Yep, I agree he needs to go to prison for the rest of his days, and become a pauper because all of his money goes to the victims.

  18. I don’t feel sorry for Cosby’s wife. After hearing all the many women who have come forward, claiming that her husband sexually assaulted them, she cannot be in total denial. She acts as her husband’s manager. I don’t fully trust her.

  19. His arrogance and his not seeing that the women involved might find him DISGUSTING is typical of a psychopath’s viewpoints, not even comprehending how others think or feel, they are able only to see their own desires and viewpoints and view others as worthless pawns or prey.

    As for his wife, she may be trauma bonded to him, because if he treated these other women this way, I would BET he treated her as badly or worse. But whether she is complacent or in denial, or knew all along, or trauma bonded, who knows, but she is to me a victim in one way or another because her world (for good or worse) is being totally rocked as well as his just like those of us who were intimately involved with a psychopath (or two) and were in denial were also victims at the time, but now we are survivors, and that’s what makes us different from her at this point, I think she is most likely still deeply victimized one way or another so I do have compassion for her for that reason.

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