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Corrupt Folks in High Places — 5 Comments

  1. Joyce, it seems that power corrupts, and “Absolute Power” corrupts, absolutely. The higher they are on the food chain, the more corrupt they are, and they engage in their behaviors with the blessings of the public. This is denial at its most potent level: to allow such deviant and debauched individuals to remain in public office AFTER they have repeatedly engaged in plain “bad behaviors,” and it’s beyond my ability to comprehend.

    You mentioned Teddy Kennedy’s scandal when he left Mary Jo Kopekne to drown and wandered around for about 24 hours. HE claimed that he had been knocked senseless from the accident, and others have maintained that he wanted to make sure (or, their bootlegger father did) that Mary Jo was, indeed, drowned so that she could tell no tales.

    If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, eats duck food, and makes duck t-urds, it’s not a rabbit.

    And, I have to wonder what the general public CAN do to demand accountability from our statesmen/women and others in their high places? Good article, Joyce.

  2. There is an old saying that “a country DESERVES the government it has” and I think that is pretty true…even in a “democracy” when people vote for someone who has proven that they have NO CHARACTER and no morals, why on earth do they do it?

    All three of the Kennedy brothers showed IN MY OPINION high psychopathic traits and lack of morals…and I think that psychopathic traits enable someone to climb the ladder of success, as long as they can use the right fork, then the success and the narcissistic bent makes them engage in bad behaviors even more, but what I just don’t GET is why “we” as a country continue to enable these people to remain in office?

    Head shaking here….

    I am glad though that our local judge was kicked off the bench and I do hope he is prosecuted in criminal court, that remains to be seen though. I was glad to see F
    FINALLY that some folks are taking the “rumors” about Bill Cosby seriously and there may be some prosecution there too, but in any case, he has been RUINED as far as his reputation is concerned,, and it seems to be important to him. His fame is now smeared with poo.

    But why has Bill Clinton skated? Why has Hillary skated? It saddens me that our country has so many incompetent and/or corrupt people in office in the highest bodies and positions.

    I’ve been reading a book about Lincoln and the Civil War, both before, during and after, and the corrupt people on BOTH sides that brought this war into existence. The hundreds of thousands of men and women that died, and it wasn’t just about slavery, but about corruption, and the aristocratic bent of the rich and powerful in the south and their delusions of being “royalty”— and the corrupt and incompetent military in the North, but my ancestors got dragged into the fight (on both sides) and several of them died for their trouble, or were put in prisons where they were deliberately starved, with 6 out o f 10 of the prisoners dying from starvation and disease.

    It saddens me that our country seems to be just as rife with corruption as many third world countries who are ruled by dictators.

    Psychopaths are willing to do whatever it takes to rise to power in jobs and positions where they can exercise their perverted wills without having any consequences and enrich themselves at the expense of others. I guess it has always been that way and probably always will be, but none the less, it makes me sad.

    • Joyce, I don’t know why any of these people remain “icons.” I can’t even formulate a response. My only view is that this has existed for as long as mankind has been able to reason – it is (in my MOST humble opinion) simply part of the Human Condition. There are some things that human beings do that don’t make sense – Sociology spends all of its time on examining and attempting to explain human group behavior, and they can form the terms and sort of describe the behaviors, but they cannot tell us WHY. The old, “Well, when one person does this, then everyone else does that,” just doesn’t fly with me. It’s rooted in individual nuances, and I don’t know what they are, but I know that I don’t have to be a party to any of it.

      I notice a great deal of bullshirt in some of my news feeds about who wore what on some red carpet, who needs 10,000 *LIKES* because they’re 88 years old, or that we are made to FEEL OBLIGATED to declare that we support one thing or another by “spreading the word” on social media, and I’m just about DONE with it. I don’t want to feel like a group monkey, anymore – I am ME and I have my own feelings, beliefs, and values, and mostly none of them are reflected in social media. This will be the NEW and improved way to start and wage wars.

      UGH……………it makes me sad, too, because it has always been this way but it seems that we’re becoming more and more reckless as time passes.

  3. The group violence, whether it be a gang in an inner city or the ISIS, or Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc is nothing new.

    I think a lot of it is the US VERSUS THEM thinking. One group or leader de-humanizes “them” and then convinces the rest of the group that we must eliminate “them.” in order to be safe ourselves. And thus, the LIE becomes the TRUTH.

    We (The Allies) DID have to eliminate Hitler, but look how many many deaths it caused to do so. We DID have to subdue Japan’s leaders, and again, look at how many many deaths on both sides it took to do so. The Civil Wars fought here and else where were not about “right or wrong” or “slavery” but were about one group’s desire to force another group to behave as it wanted. Though slavery was being seen as the evil that it was, that was NOT the real reason for the US Civil war, it was the POLITICS of the aristocratic Southerners versus the Northern political crooks. BOTH sides were wrong, and the incompetence of Lincoln’s generals for the first 3 years of the war allowed the South who had great generals to think they could prevail. Even after the South was overwhelmingly beaten they didn’t give up until the last “hooray” was sounded. Sherman’s march to the sea, burning everything in his path and a 50 mile wide swath was a terrible thing, but i t essentially DID end the carnage. But then of course with Lincoln’s death, the fanatics in the north had to “punish” the South.

    I had ancestors on both sides of the war, and some how died or were imprisoned by the other side.

    History (which is very interesting to me) shows that every war has pride and greed on one side or the other and the “us versus them” manifesto comes into play. Mao killed 60 million of his own people and Stalin about the same number. They both allowed the psychopaths in their midst to rise to the top of the evil empires. So this ISIS thing is nothing new. The Muslims and Christians have been fighting since the eighth century. At one time the Muslims controlled much of Europe. I don’t expect that antagonism to end any time soon.

    In the meantime, the civilian masses involved in the battles pay with their lives and their homes…and the soldiers of the countries fighting them pay with their lives, limbs and emotional turmoil from PTSD when they do return home. Just yesterday the US accidently bombed a civilian hospital killing doctors and patients.

    War is horrible from any perspective, yet, the flip side is that if a country ignores evil, such as Hitler, it will only spread til it reaches our own shores. There is no “good” answer to evil corrupt folks in high places, I wish there were.

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