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Daughter of killer speaks out — 4 Comments

  1. Joyce, I’ve always tried to consider what the families of the offenders experience, as well as the victims’ families. When someone chooses to murder another human being, it’s a “tragedy” because of the collateral damage – the victims suffering had a final, albeit gruesome, end, but the families members of the victims and killers will live with the crime for the rest of their lives.

    Even when Hayes is executed, this will be a hollow closure – he deserved to forfeit his life for his actions, but this will never “restore” ANYONE involved in this horrific crime. There will be no true closure unless the “collateral” victims make it, themselves.

    Again, I don’t understand anything, anymore. I just don’t. I cannot wrap my head around these types of crimes – brutal, gruesome, and cold-blooded, I cannot imagine how DEVOID of conscience, empathy, and remorse a person has to be to perpetrate such a crime. I really don’t.

    Thank you for this article and the reminder that EVERYONE is a victim, in this case, and so many others.

    • Uh………..I just read my response and it’s full of spelling and grammatical errors. Oh, boy……….and, I speak like this, in person, too! LOL

  2. Yea, Truthy, so do I!!! I cringe when I hear myself speak, my accent is so thick and my voice so nasal! LOL We actually hear ourselves not through our ears, but through our head bones, but when we hear ourselves through our ears, like in a recording it sounds different.

    I’m bad with the typos too, but you know, I’m getting to a point of ‘OH WELL!’ so don’t sweat the small stuff.

    Yes, Parents are dammed (intentionally misspelled so the profanity nanny won’t #### it out. LOL) for what their kids do, and it looks like this young woman was bullied at school because of what her father did. Which of course is totally unacceptable, but it is what kids do to each other especially at that age.

    One of the things I found especially interesting about Hayes was the doctor saying he was NOT a “psychopath” just an “antisocial personality disorder” and actually, he seems to fit the Psychopathic check list developed by Dr. Hare to a “tee” and even IF the other perp had been the “ring leader,” Hayes still actively participated in the crimes.

    The stories told by the younger Hayes brother about him torturing and abusing him when they were kids also goes more to evidence of psychopathy.

  3. Joyce, this is what constantly baffles me: the “professionals” are ALWAYS reluctant to render an accurate assessment if it involves, “psychopath.” We have the predetermined perception of what a “psychopath” is, thanks to all manners of story-telling and media. We simply envision that a “psychopath” HAS to be a wild-eyed, drooling fiend clutching a chainsaw and meat hook. Psychopaths are walking among the living without ANY constraints, and I just don’t understand why the “professionals” are SO hesitant to acknowledge this fact.

    Speech and communicating has become a challenge for me, lately. UGH. 🙂

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