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DNA is not destiny—but it does contribute to behavior — 3 Comments

  1. Another interesting study on brain mapping and addictions

    Compulsive users of porn show the same signs of addiction in their brain as those hooked on booze or drugs, according to researchers.

    The brains of young men who are obsessed by online pornography ‘lit up like Christmas trees’ upon being shown erotic images, a pioneering study has found.

    The area stimulated – the part of the brain involved in processing reward, motivation and pleasure – is the same part that is highly active among drug and alcohol addicts.


    The question is, are they addicts because their brains are different, or ar their brains different because they are addicts?

  2. Joyce, I believe that genetics play a tremendous role in a number of things – behaviors, predisposition to diseases and medical conditions, etc.

    Having typed that, there have been numerous studies that suggest that even children who may carry spath or ppath genetics can LEARN to process empathy, sympathy, and remorse. They may not “feel” it the same way that the non-disordered do, but they can recognize it and work with what they have been taught.

    One thing about genetic studies of psychopaths has been nagging at the back of my head. If (let’s just pretend that this is possible) a diagnosed psychopath or sociopath was “cured” via genetic or stem-cell therapy, would that necessarily eliminate the anomaly of personality disorders?

  3. Well, genetics are the paper but environment is the pen with which we write our life stories. Genes can be there, but be turned off, then something in the environment turns them on, but only in people who had the gene to start with. If they didn’t have the gene it couldn’t be turned on. So with out the “paper” a “pen” couldn’t write…

    as for your hypothetical question about “curing” a sociopath with genetic therapy, who knows? it may happen and may not…

    You are right though that MANY if not most things seem to have a genetic predisposition, diabetes, bi-polar, depression, psychopathy, height, weight, etc etc

    I just finished a study of studies of psychopathy and statistically more women who smoked during gestation had a significantly higher rate of psychopathic babies…but, that does NOT prove that smoking causes psychopathy in their offspring, only that maybe women who smoke have some gene that predisposes them to smoke and a nearby gene codes for psychopathy in their offspring. Correlation is NOT causation. Only that the two things have some kind of relationship.

    There are MANY things that have correlation to psychopathy, and studies of twins raised apart show that genetics plays a HIGH role in psychopathy…less than environment.

    People still tend to believe in many cases that genetics is very limited in humans, and that is just not so, it has as much or more influence than in animals.

    I laugh when people tell me that their pit bull dog is such a sweetie….two children were mauled to death this week by pit bulls, or when they tell me their pet cougar or lion or tiger is such a pussy cat. Dogs and other domestic breeds of animals have been bred for certain temperments or traits.and Pit bull dogs have been bred to fight, to bite…and while there may be the occasional one who won’t fight or bite…you never know when that instinct will be triggered.

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