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Don’t Lose Your Ass — 3 Comments

  1. Excellent analogy!
    Everyone has an opinion…..and an ass! LOL! (until it’s lost)
    We need to learn to think for ourselves….it sure keeps things simple and all we have to be accountable for is ourselves and our own choices.

    Great new site Joyce……you’ve done well darlin!

  2. Thanks, Brock, I’m just getting started and learning to navigate the site as well as find information that will be helpful to people who are trying to navigate the alligator-infested waters in dealing with a child or family member who is either about to cross the law or has already done so and is prison or jail.

    Back when I was in way over my head dealing with my defiant son Patrick, trying desperately to guide him away from a self destructive path I had no one and even the mental health professionals didn’t get it. I was alone, sinking in those waters and when I would reach out for what I thought was a log floating by to rest for a minute it always seemed to be another alligator. Years later, I did find help and support, and I’d like to be able to support others in their quest for solutions.

    Your input is always welcome.

  3. I thought I would bring this article back up….today on Face Book I have had many friends who made fun of me or actually ridiculed me for isolating myself from others. I live with one of my sons and he and I have “locked the gate”because first off I am 73 years old, and secondly I have COPD from smoking for many years and if I catch this virus I would very likely DIE FROM IT.

    I have always kind of been a “prepper” in that I keep a pretty good supply of food and other items on hand ALL the time and when this thing first started in the US I stocked up (not on huge rolls of toilet paper but things for real survival)

    I live on a farm and there are different species of animals that if times get really tough I can kill and eat.

    And I decided that I would not be attending public worship services until this mess is over. Several people have made fun of me for that and said I am not a real Christian if I don’t go to church under these conditions. I replied “I am not going to sit in a burning church house and depend on God to save me from the flames” HE gave me enough sense to avoid the flames by running outside. LOL

    As a medical professional and a former Infection Control Officer for a hospital, I am well aware of the fact that this virus Covid 19 or even the REGULAR OLD FLU can kill the elderly and even flu kills MANY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE YEARLY mostly old folks.

    So keep your head about you even if others are losing theirs and socially distance yourself as much as you can, wash your hands and wear a mask if you can find one. Stay away from elderly people if you can and don’t let anyone make you do something you know is wrong

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