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Family court gets “grades” — 4 Comments

  1. Ok I will go first since nobody else seems to want to jump in on this.


    Maybe thru a voting and grading process, some of the judges or at least the people voting them into office will have some kind of a reference guide of sorts to help them navigate the system.

    If a judge repeatedly rules in favor of the spaths and doesn’t protect the innocent- children & vulnerable adults- then you can ask your attorney to do what they can to delay things and get a different judge. It happens all the time in both criminal courts and family courts. Attorneys, prosecutors, public defenders and everyone involved in arguing a case either way, knows full well how to manipulate the system.

  2. Oh, I agree, Phoenix, the Internet age has made accessing information a “whole nuther ball game” and people how could keep their dirty laundry hidden, go to a new town, leave the old information behind, etc. it is GONE now. You can very cheaply find out a LOT of information about anyone. You can run, but you can’t hide if someone wants to find out about you.

    I am glad this site is up and it isn’t universal yet, but it will grow and there will be some egg on some judges and courts’ faces.

    That is why I put the link to this site up because I know several people on here have had HORRIBLE experiences with the family courts and I thought they might like to add their 2 cents worth to the information on the site. By banding together and sharing information, “we” (victims of these jerks) can be stronger.

  3. I missed this, somehow. Another “tool” for research!!!!!!!!!

    Family Court……….there is not one scintilla of “Family” involved in this circus act. My experiences have been outrageous, as have most others’ that I’ve heard and read about.

    I do not give two farts in a single windstorm whether or not judges are expected to remain objective. Each case presented represents two (or, MORE) human lives and some sense of outrage and accountability needs to be expressed. Sure, the Law only goes so far, but there MUST be some sort of UNDERSTANDING that human beings’ lives are being toyed with, on every level.

    Thanks for posting this site, Joyce!

  4. Glad this site is something you can relate to and I think it needs to be filled up with EVERY person who has been screwed by the courts.

    Just like the “parental alienation” problem was created by the angry fathers and research has shown that it is not valid. The problem too, is that when a parent screams “sexual molestation” by the other parent, many, if not most times, just as my friend Jane’s son is, given over to the MOLESTER HIMSELF (or herself in some cases)

    Sure I don’t doubt that some hateful parents have screamed “molestation” when it was not true, psychopaths do that sort of thing…but too many times this “parents” rights to have contact with their children overwhelms CHILDREN’S RIGHTS.

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