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HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! — 8 Comments

  1. Hello Joyce,

    DShaklana. I would like to make some contact with you before becoming public on the site. I have been unable to find your email contact. Would sure appreciate it. Happy 4th.


  2. Joyce,
    I hear what you’re saying. Not only did the founding fathers neglect the rights of enslaved people, they also neglected the rights of women. When they said that all men were created equal, they actually meant MEN and not women. It’s astounding that anyone could have the mentality, but they did and many still do.

    The book, The Lucifer Principle, sounds really fascinating. I hope to read it soon

    Happy 4th to you too.

  3. DShaklana,
    You can email Joyce by going to the “ABOUT” menu in the Navigation Bar at top. There’s a dropdown with a “Send Me Email” link. If you have any problems getting to it, try refreshing the page.

    And welcome to Family Arrested. I hope you find comfort here.

  4. Skylar, you are right of course, they didn’t think women were “equal” either LOL But I will give them this, progress is made in changing not only a country’s political climate but the social one too in BABY steps. Unfortunately, I see so much CORRUPTION in our government with office holders becoming wealthy beyond belief….I am still laughing about Hillary Clinton’s comment that they were “DEAD BROKE” when they left the White House.

    I believe the duo are both high in psychopathic traits, and one of those traits is that she actually doesn’t see herself as “wealthy”–compared to the richest people in the world, of course. Compared to the rest of us, of course she is. Her book sales are not going well at all with the numbers dropping weekly. She got a 15 MILLION DOLLAR advance for the book.

    With people like that running a democracy it soon becomes unstable (the “life span” is about 200 years) Bloom, in his book points out why we FOLLOW a leader and his meme. Why we fall for “sound bites” to pick our leaders rather than for the SUBSTANCE of what they believe.

    I’ve said for years, half jokingly, that “ALL politicians past the level of dog catcher are crooked.” And Bloom agrees that to be successful in politics (especially on a higher level) a person must be high in narcissistic traits and low on REAL empathy, and be more interested in raising themselves in the pecking order of society. Hill and Bill are perfect examples of that theory.

    So I try to vote for “the LESSER OF TWO EVILS” when I vote, and that is in every election.

  5. Happy Belated 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been offline for a long, long while – not even checking my emails, lately, and this was a good reminder to me.

    I also want to celebrate my own independence. I’ve come to rely upon myself to see to my own needs, on every level. I’ve learned how to accept genuine help from others who do NOT have an agenda, and to politely refuse “help” from those who DO have an agenda.

    I’ve learned so much about myself during this process of recovery and healing, and I am truly, truly grateful for my own independence from the deceit and diseased people. I’m grateful to live in a country where personal freedoms are a right, and not a privilege.

    Freedom, in any respect, is hard-fought, and dearly won. Bless us all!!

  6. Truthy, you are right about that! We must declare our independence from those who are not reliable….those who are abusive…. and those who we cannot trust. Being independent is scary, depending upon yourself takes back bone and guts because when we are independent we are RESPONSIBLE for the outcomes. With independence comes RESPONSIBILITY.

    But it also allows us to TAKE BACK OUR POWER and not give it to others. Sometimes gaining independence requires a REVOLUTION because sometimes those who would keep us dependent or subservient don’t want to give that up.

    Congratulations on putting yourself first and taking responsibility for meeting your own needs. TOWANDA!!!!

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