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Have you ever had lunch with God? — 6 Comments

  1. Joyce,

    I enjoyed reading the story about the little boy, meeting up with God, at a park. He had a nice “visit” with Him via the old woman. A precious story.

  2. Blue, I can remember many times that I “met God” and had lunch or a conversation with Him. Of course you may not have known it at the time, but that person was there to give you what you needed on that day. I saw that story someone sent me in an e mail and I just got to thinking about the times I had had “lunch with God” as well. The one example of the woman on the beach was only one time that He sent me the person I needed to comfort me, just as the little Boy and the Old Woman each found God in their lunch, I have found God in many people who have comforted me when I needed it the worst.

    I don’t think you have to “meet God” in a burning bush or a cloud, but the providence of God is there for us if we need it, and that’s a wonderful gift from the creator. I think we just have to see Him in the kind things that others do for us.

  3. Joyce, this is a VERY timely article and a beautiful story to remind me that God, Great Creator, Yahweh, Whomever “speaks” to me, constantly. Sometimes, I “hear” that voice, and other times, I ignore it (to my own detriment, of course).

    I’ve not been that angry at Great Creator for my experiences – they happened because they did, for many, many reasons, and for many, many purposes. I wasn’t “struck down” to “teach me a lesson” or to “pay me back” for my Life’s transgressions. My experiences simply happened because they did.

    I will say, without shame, that I did lose my faith about 4 years ago, and threw it away with both hands over 2 years ago. But, that faith never really left – it rather hibernated until I was ready for “acceptance.”

    The Navajo have a blessing and acknowledgment of Life’s Journeys called, “The Beauty Way,” which is a part of “The Blessing Way.” Here is a link to this incredible philosophy and belief:

    Even in the face of the most dire traumas and deepest grieving, we are walking in beauty – God’s Beauty. And, it’s my responsibility to either take these experiences and transform them into personal lessons of dignity, courage, and strength, or to wallow in self-pity, shame, and misery – and, I will type the absolute truth that I have done my fair share of wallowing and the only thing that I accomplish when I choose this response, I stand up covered in my own filth.

    Thank you SO much for this article, Joyce. Very timely, indeed.

  4. Truthy, thanks for sharing the link and your thoughts…I lost my faith, or ignored it for a long time because what was “preached” to me was “hell fire and brimstone” not the Love of God. Sometimes we must be FLAT ON OUR BACKS in order to LOOK UP…and that is what happened to me.

    When I was emotionally flat on my back, living in the RV in fear…I started to read the Bible day and night, read it FOR MYSELF and I realized that what I had been taught my entire life was a lie, a twisted version of the Bible. The first thing I learned is that forgiveness does NOT REQUIRE restoration of trust for the person who hurt you, you do NOT have to “pretend it never happened” but at the same time you should, you must, get the bitterness out of your heart or it will eat you like a cancer.

    I also learned or realized that there is not a single command in the Bible that is other than for OUR BENEFIT….to make our life easier, not harder, not just a hoop to jump through. The Bible is the handbook of life, with examples of psychopaths and martyrs prophets and devils from which we can learn by their examples, both the good and the bad.

    I realized that for me God is about love, not hate, and not us seeking revenge, He promises to avenge the wrongs done without remorse so we don’t have to worry about that, if we trust that HE will take care of us if we let him.

    I no longer pray for specific things, like “lord let me get this job” or “please don’t let it rain til thursday” My prayers are now simply, “God you know what I need before I even need it so your will be done.” Then I have to trust that WHATEVER befalls is really in my benefit.

    Looking back over my life I can see times when I thought something HORRIBLE had happened to me, then later, something GOOD happened that would NOT have happened if the first “bad” thing had not happened first.

    Just as there have been “angels” for me at times I needed them, they were there…I believe they were the Providence of God.

    I feel too when people criticize me for my belief in a Heavenly Father, I tell them “Well, I would rather believe and die and there’s nothing but black…than to live unbelieving and then find out, Oops, there IS A GOD! I should have believed.”

    • Joyce, I believe that the greatest accomplishment that a toxic or disordered person can do is to destroy a target’s faith – whether it’s their faith in God, in justice, or in humanity, it’s a WIN to watch a target dissolve. The only thing that could give them even more of a rush would be the death of their target – either by proxy, or by their own hand.

      I’ve come to believe that people bring down justice on their own heads via karma. I don’t believe that God strikes people down for their transgressions any more than he/she/it “gives” a child develop a terminal illness.

      I also believe that we are visited by angels, every day – whether they are in the form of a kind cashier or a miraculous event. Things occur that I cannot explain, adequately. I chose two very bad partners, and I remained loyal and faithful to both of them, to my own detriment. When each of these contracts of marriage dissolved, I couldn’t understand why because I had “done everything” to be a good, supportive spouse. Well, I was a mess. I literally had no business being in any relationship because of my own personal issues, and I only faced this fact after the second experience.

      Had I NOT had the experiences that I did, I would still be the same codependent, insecure person that I was. Not saying that I “liked” the lessons, but I’m actually grateful for them. Even if I’m destitute and all the rest, I’m alive, upright, and breathing.

      I’m reaching out to reclaim my faith. This time, it’s with an attitude of gratitude.

  5. Truthy, I think man is programmed to have some sort of faith in “something” and that the spiritual aspect of our beings is important. You are right that an abuser/offender gets a “duping delight” out of bringing down a victim, humiliating them, but also causing that victim to lose their faith in just about everything.

    Truly evil offenders, and I do think that word FITS, like my son Patrick cannot rest until they get the ultimate revenge…but they also enjoy “putting one over on” the guards so they can feel superior. Actually prison is a play ground with them, I think. I know it sure doesn’t reform them. They adjust and adapt and they don’t improve by any measure unless it is to get a PhD in manipulation. They have no gratitude, no altruism or conscience, and therefore there is I think a cog missing in them, they do not judge anything or anyone higher than themselves or more deserving. That attitude is very contrary to a “spiritual” mindset.

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