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How offenders scam others — 59 Comments

  1. I think this article also shows how crime of this woman will not only ruin the rest of her life, but her husband and her son are also effected.

  2. Hopefully, the prisoners are caught ASAP. The woman has had a hard lesson regarding psychopaths. I hope that the prisoners don’t harm innocent people.

    • Oh, what a tragic shame……….I cannot imagine how needy this woman must have been to assist in the escape of two convicted murderers. Well, yes I can.

      This is what I’ve been kind of edging towards in my responses for the past year or so. YES, the cons are the ones who are absolutely and 140% responsible for their actions and choices. Absolutely. But, we have to also examine they TYPES of targets that they choose to con, and work on educating folks from that point.

      A 51 year old grandmother…………I know that I felt in desperate need of affirmation when I was 51. I had just been RE-diagnosed with RA and nearly incapable of physical movement, just started the low-dose chemo as a management for the RA symptoms, and a host of other traumatic events. I needed………..literally……….someone to tell me that I was okay. That I was worthy. That I had value. This woman may likely have been in a similar space of neediness.

      These criminals and con men/women target the vulnerabilities of people who are kind, compassionate, giving, caring, nurturing, open, and so forth. Why? Because, somewhere and someHOW, I have given them the impression or outright face-value of my own neediness, and they seize those vulnerabilities and throttle what they want out of them.

      In retrospect, I can clearly see how the female ex-con “worked” people within the community to her advantage by OBSERVING the vulnerabilities of others and exploiting those precious bits of their humanity. In my situation, I made no hesitation to discuss my past with anyone, so I literally gave her every piece of information that she needed to draw me in. “BEST friend….” “ONLY person to understand me…” “Abusive childhood….” etc.

      I sincerely hope and pray that the woman who enabled the convicts’ escapes will get some help for herself, as quickly as she can. Yes, she assisted them. Yes, there will be far-reaching consequences for her involvement, whether any innocent people are harmed, or not. The tens of thousands being spent in the manhunt is just ONE facet of this whole mess, not to mention the impact that this is going to have on her entire family, friends, and associates. But, something was amiss for this poor gal – she gave the one charming convict the information that he needed to manipulate her.

      Why do these people exploit and con others? Because the CAN. It’s a challenge and a game to them, and nothing more. It’s like the behaviors that cats engage in when they’ve caught a rodent.

      • Truthspeak,

        I read that when a person has a good support system, they fare better than those who don’t. I’m just sorry that you have been preyed upon by dishonest people, taken advantage of. It’s hard when we have to validate ourselves, sometimes lacking actual people who can support us (in loving, healthy ways). I think you’re tops (not that my opinion should matter either way).

  3. Truthspeakm

    This woman may end up in jail/prison, but she can recover (in time). I am thankful that she failed to drive the getaway car – this decision could have saved her life. Who knows, the escaped prisoners could have “disposed” of her, burying her in some field, woods, etc. These evil con artists prey on people, period. Let’s hope and pray that they are caught soon.

  4. Truthspeak,

    This woman may end up in jail/prison, but she can recover (in time). I am thankful that she failed to drive the getaway car – this decision could have saved her life. Who knows, the escaped prisoners could have “disposed” of her, burying her in some field, woods, etc. These evil con artists prey on people, period. Let’s hope and pray that they are caught soon.

  5. Good to see you Blue, and you are truthy are both so right on. The cons prey on our vulnerabilities and we tell them what those vulnerabilities are. They “love bomb” us and suck us into believing them, that they are good guys and really value us…when in fact, we are simply PREY to them.

    I think many women, I know I was one, are vulnerable to the “love bomb” from some male looking for a victim…believe me after my husband died I was NEEEEEEDY and I fell victim to a “love bomb” from a psychopathic serial cheater ex husband who was looking for a respectable wife to cheat on…”respectable” was important to him, and he mentioned several times how I was known and respected in my community. It seemed to impress him. But, I just thank God that I did not marry this creep. But I sure feel hard for him.

    I can relate to this woman’s neediness, just as Truthy did, but fortunately I never committed a FELONY as a result of that neediness, but I sure cost myself in other ways.

    I have little doubt that this woman will see the inside of a jail unless she has enough information about the escape or where thye intended to go to “trade” to keep herself out of prison, but my guess is that they did not tell her anything that she might “spill” and I think BlueJay is right, I think if she had driven the get away car that she would have been killed and buried in some ditch some where. I don’t think they would have had any use for her after the escape and her showing up with a car. So I doubt that they told her truthful information about where they would go and how they would hide out etc.

    What she did was a felony, and regardless of how “needy” she was, she committed a felony. I felt sorry for her son who spoke to a reporter for the big 3 networks defending his mom and that she would NEVER do something like that. I know he was sincere and believed what he said, but unfortunately, he has probably found out the truth of the matter by now. So he has now “lost” the mother he thought he had and that must be a shock to him. Just as I lost the son that I THOUGHT I had was a shock to me. But the crimes of one family member absolutely do effect not only any victims, but also their own families.

  6. Bluejay- good to ‘see’ you. *waves from afar*

    If the one convict or prisoner made her feel special, my big question is what was going on at home? If she had a husband why did she need to look to someone else to find that feeling of being special or needed. I would guess there was something going on in their marriage that made it a not so happy one.

    If her son didn’t expect or suspect this from his mom, (and I don’t blame him for anything) maybe he didn’t really ‘know’ her. If he’s a teenager, It’s understandable he would be out of the house as much as possible and maybe their relationship compromised. Same with the marriage..

  7. Hello to all of you – Joyce, Truthspeak, and The Phoenix,

    According to an article that I read online, Joyce Mitchell, married her high school sweetheart. She cheated on him with at least two men (that her ex-husband knew of) and she married one of her lovers (her current hubby). Her character is questionable, but I still hope that she recovers from her sociopathic experiences (in the slammer). She was smart not to drive the getaway vehicle, causing the escaped convicts to go on foot.

  8. Bluejay, you know people who “cheat” and then marry their lover, why would the lover/new husband or wife, expect the person not to cheat on THEM as well. I have never known anyone who was a continual cheater who didn’t keep on cheating…sure, anyone I guess can “slip’ and maybe fall into an illicit relationship once, but you know, to do it repeatedly displays a PATTERN of lying and cheating. That PATTERN of looking for “thrills” obviously got her caught up in this situation…sounds like she might have some psychopathic traits herself, and looking for thrills is one of them. But she “chickened” out at the last minute and didn’t pick them up, which may have saved her life, but I don’t think this woman was a completely “innocent’ victim.

  9. Well she is now in jail….Joyce Mitchell, 51, an industrial training supervisor at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York state, was arraigned at 11pm on Friday
    Grandmother was charged with promoting prison contraband – a felony – and criminal facilitation – a misdemeanor; faces up to 8 years in prison
    She was visibly trembling as she pleaded not guilty to both via attorney
    Bail was set at $110,000 cash; she will appear in court Monday morning
    Mitchell ‘previously admitted to giving Richard Matt, 48, and David Sweat, 34, prohibited items, including hacksaw blades and goggles with lights’
    Matt and Sweat escaped from maximum-security prison early Saturday

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3122893/Hundreds-cops-force-search-Shawshank-inmates-stretches-seventh-day-grandmother-prison-worker-helped-break-free-moved-county-jail.html#ixzz3cyoPcxKA

    I think things don’t look so good for her since she supplied the tools.

  10. Bluejay, it is good to “see” you! 😉

    Joyce, whatever the consequences are for this woman, it is my fervent hope that she takes this opportunity to “Do Something” to heal whatever is eating away at her. Or, perhaps, she won’t. Either way, I do have compassion for her situation.

    Mitchell made a choice – a very bad choice. So, she’s going to have to experience whatever consequences come with making such a choice. Whether or not she uses that time to sort herself, only time will tell. As it is, she’s probably going to be in prison for a good, long time.

    And, it’s true that cheaters continue to cheat. Even the one-shot cheater is on my list of “Hayell NO.” If someone is able to follow through with a fantasy of infidelity, then they’re likely thinking about infidelity, even if they don’t take action.

    There’s one gal in our support group that was married to a serial cheater for 35 years. She kept kicking him out, only to take him back……….again, and again, and again. She’s two years out and she’s still unable to see that this guy is a Bad Man. She’s holding onto that fantasy that he was an integral part of “The Family,” and he wasn’t! He didn’t do anything with the family as a participant – she has said as much in the meetings. He was NEVER THERE for major events, school plays, birthdays, holidays, etc……he was always off doing something else, leaving HER to raise their child while he chased skirts.

    For me, cheating is just a symptom of other possible disorders. Serial cheating can be a symptom of many things that I am not prepared or willing to endure. And, it all goes around, at some point. NOT that the cheater is going to get anything useful from being cheated upon, but it’s just the balancing act of the Universe.

  11. Truthy, the things that are coming out about her being a “trouble maker” at work in the place she worked before…and serial cheating in her marriages…etc all make me wonder if she is not borderline personality disorder….drama queen…adrenaline junkie…as well as needy. The things said about her by former co workers and her ex husband seem to be indicative of some troubling personality disorders in her as well.

    It is not unusual for disordered people to hook up with each other, and the one who ends up being USED THE WORST then posits themselves as the “victim” I’ve seen that time and time again. And that’s not blaming the victim, there’s a difference between being an enabler of a bad person and also PARTICIPATING in bad acts. This woman PARTICIPATED in the escape, and that doesn’t make her a VICTIM in my opinion, but a bad actor herself, and h er past history seems to bear this out. she just got caught up in a BIGGER scam this time, and one that was more dangerous. Being “needy” doesn’t cover it all. Her needyness for some man to make her feel “special” (wouldn’t we all like that!) LOL may have contributed to the situation where she fell for his con, but the thing is that when someone asks you to do something immoral or illegal, THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND!

    • Joyce, that’s precisely what I was thinking as more and more facts about this woman’s behaviors are being exposed.

      ABSOLUTELY, she participated. And, you are spot-on that her being “needy” doesn’t fit her pattern of behaviors over the years.

      It is my understanding that female borderlines are particularly dangerous, and Mitchell certainly is proof of this if she is, indeed, borderline. But, she willingly participated – she wasn’t duped NEARLY as much as I first believed that she had been. So……..yeah……….

  12. It has come out recently, that she was intending to take these two escapees to her home to kill her husband. As it was stated upwards in the comments ^^^ she likely would have or could have been killed as well. One less person to be spotted or to rat the two guys out.

    Yep she’s pretty sick and twisted. At least her son is safe and I pray for him to find peace within himself knowing he is not to blame and had no bearing on how his mom-o-saurus behaved and her part in all of this. Hopefully he can move on and have a fruitful, productive life, drama free.

    • Phoenix………..eugh…………..as I typed, the more that comes to light, the more that the woman is going to be revealed. Absolutely, sounds like borderline personality disorder and probably B Cluster, at that. Very dangerous, risky, volatile people, particularly the females.

      Gawd……….well, she is going to experience the consequences for her choices. And, for that, she earned them.

  13. I read an article today that said her husband is DONE with her. I’m glad he is at least seeing the light. He’s probably not all that straight himself (affairs) but at least he didn’t try to help inmates escape.

    Yea, my guess is that she will get some REAL prison time and I think she deserves to. If the inmates kill someone I hope they charge her as an accomplice to the murder. Because without her help they would not have been out to hurt someone. Personally I think brutes like these should be kept under MAXIMUM sercurity under 23 hour lock up in solitary and the one hour they are out is in a cage. Psychopaths do NOT change their stripes and ones like these men are just like my son Patrick, anything goes!

  14. After reading about the ex prison worker’s life history and her final plan to kill her hubby, I think that she belongs in prison – she is not a good person at all. Glad her hubby is done with her.

  15. He might be DONE with her now, but she was obviously DONE with him long ago. Enough to the point where she was going to have him killed. That’s Crazy talkin there on a completely different level.

    I’m not saying the guy deserved any of this, because he didn’t that I know of, but another question that might be raised, if the husband also has a history of cheating, (that was how they met, it takes two to tango) and he obviously got tangled up with her- how messed up is he? Things that make you go Hmmmmm?!?!?!

  16. Well, my son’s wife who was having the affair with Kenneth Hamilton planned to kill Andrew, and had this dramatic plot all hatched out…I have NO doubt it was her that wanted to kill andrew, Hamilton would just have been happy to take the 50K$ and scram with her, but I think SHE is the one who wanted Andrew dead and he went along with it. Those cons didn’t want her husband dead SHE did, even though she chickened out at the last minute.

    Why did she want him dead? Why did my son’s wife want him dead? Don’t really know except that it is the RAGE in disordered people that want to do things like that. If you pith them off they want to HURT YOU. Same reason Patrick wants me dead.

    Not all psychpaths will kill you but some will and the rest will find some way to get revenge on you for whatever they think you did to them. Break up violence is an example of this. 75% of abusers are psychopaths as well, so when the individual tries to leave them some become killers. Saw a good show about that on 48 hours the other night.

    I think as this case progresses more dirt will come out about this woman. I feel sorry for her son, but I think he sounds more “trauma bonded” to this witch than in complete disbelief that mama would ever do something like that, my guess is that she and hubby had a tempestous relationship.

    • I think that infidelity is a symptom of deeper issues, rather than the crux OF the issues. The second exspath knew that I was separated from an abuser because I told him so – I was still in the role of “victim” and I would often (yes, I really would) say in conversation, “I’m a survivor of domestic abuse.” Well……….uh…………DUH

      So, the second exspath saw me as a target, rather than a human being, and set me up as such. I was so needy at that time in my life that I glommed onto his love-bombing and false “support” because I didn’t know how to provide love and support to myself, BY myself.

      I was not surprised that the second exspath was unfaithful, at all. It was HOW he was being unfaithful that shook me down to my very core. What he truly was had never even crossed my mind, even when I was questioning the whole scenario before I even discovered what he was doing.

      For me, I wasn’t cheating because I was legally separated and had every intention of divorcing the first spouse. But, when it comes down to it, I never should have become involved with ANYONE until after the divorce was final and I had recovered from the domestic violence and childhood dysfunctions. And, nobody wants to believe that they need to do some work on themselves, and I was NO exception. I believed that I could handle ANY scenario, and my mother often told me that she envisioned me as the strong and courageous pioneer woman that I really wasn’t. Go figure.

      So, the husband has a lot of contemplating to do, and the criminal wife has a lot of TIME to do in prison. I don’t have any doubts that she’ll remain the same as she was when she became a willing participant in that prison break. And, she must be as psychotic as the prisoners are because she bailed at the last second instead of rushing to help her “soul mate.” THINK about that – she’s no stupid gal. She has done everything in her lifetime to suit herself, and backing out at the last minute wasn’t a “change of heart,” by any stretch of the imagination!! She recognized her own kind, and the prisoner was a convicted murderer – she saved her own skin is what she did. Change of heart, my azz!

      • Tuthy the first line of your comment- “Infedelity is a symptom of a deeper issue…” reminds me of the scene from the movie “When Harry met Sally”. The guys are at the ballpark and Harry reveals to his friend Jess that his wife was cheating on him. Jess then tells Harry much the same thing, “Cheating is a sign of deeper issues”, to which Harry replies, “Well that symptom is flucking my wife.”

  17. We have talked before about how many of the guards/staff at prisons are little better than the prisoners themselves and I think the case of the woman helping the escape is one of those situations. Dr. Liane Leedom’s ex husband who was in prison connected and married the prison NURSE….then was rearrested for trying to pass himself off as a physician which he was not.

    I think one of your ex’s was a prison guard wasn’t he truthy? and my experiences iin visiting prison have brought me into contact with some real “doozies” of guards, and my son Patrick had an affair with a cute female major and when she came into the visiting room to meet us you could see the “sparks” between them, the subtle and not so subtle flirting. WHY would a woman with a husband, family and high paying career risk it all to fark an inmate doing life? In that same prison a secretary was “doing” both an inmate and a guard and she and the inmate were found dead in a closet. Supposedly (the official story) is that the inmate killed her and then cut his own throat, but Patrick said the guard did it and I believe him.

    Plus the guards frequently smuggle in contraband—cell phones, cigarettes, pills etc. for a price so I’m not sure that even the majority of the staff are not nearly as bad as the inmates. Sometimes worse I think.

    • Joyce, the second exspath is a civilian employee of the State. He had many opportunities to take the exams and he never did – he was too much of a coward. Even though he would have started at over 60K per year, he was smart enough to protect his own hide.

      Prisons are hotbeds of dysfunction and infidelity. They are probably one of the WORST places for the most aberrant behaviors imaginable – the prison guards are, indeed, hardly better than the inmates and, because it is either a municipal, State, or Federal position, a person really has to TRY to get fired from that position.

      There was a female guard at the all-male institution where the exspath works that had already lost her job for a major infraction. Because of her gender and ethnicity, she raised a holy stink and was reinstated. Four months after she was reinstated, she was fired……….AGAIN……..for bringing a cell phone in for an inmate. Why do these people do this? Because they are the SAME as the inmates – they just haven’t gotten caught. And, the further out a person goes committing crimes and engage in amoral behaviors without facing consequences, the greater their God Complex develops.

      So, referencing the original subject of this article, the world is FULL of people who scam. They do it via many means: love-bombing, intimidation, coercion, threats, etc……..but, what is certain is that they NEVER CHANGE. They never, ever, EVER stand accountable for their actions and stop scamming. The only thing that changes is their scamming approaches and techniques.

      Friends and family members of these people are even MORE susceptible to the scams and enabling because of the false doctrines that family/friends must always stick together – that blood is thicker than water. Blood stains, forever. Water doesn’t.

      • To clarify about prison employees and the deviant behaviors, the exspath had several co-workers in the same office that he worked in. They were all civilians, as well, except for the supervisors who were “badges.”

        These co-workers were not only aware of what he was doing, but some of them were providing a “safe” place for him and his Mistress Beatrice to act out their very, very depraved fantasies. They all knew that the exspath was married, and some of them had actually eaten at my table, calling me their “friend.” Well………may Karma slap them all in the face with a stinking, rotten salmon when they LEAST expect it!

        And, I honestly do believe that there must be a balance in the Universe and that it has nothing to do with God paying someone out for being a sh*theel. What happens is that the person creates their own energy that must be brought into Universal balance.

  18. Truthy, it came out in the news today that the woman at the prison age 51 had had half hour sex in a closet 4 X a week for months with this 35 year old guy. Apparently the other inmates were all aware of what was going on, who knows that some of the guards didn’t as well. There really are NO SECRETS inside a prison it’s worse than a soap opera.

    Yea, I share your feelings toward the men who helped yours husband have his affair and still ate at your table and pretended to be your friends.

    • Joyce, it was men AND women who were involved in the dipsh*t’s activities. Apparently, they would get together when I was busy running my commercial art business and “Do Things” together. Whether it was watching p0rn, or actually traveling to the nearby Big City to go fetish shopping, men and women were involved in this.

      The more that’s revealed about that woman who assisted in the escape, the more of a psychopath she is appearing to be. Now, having typed that, I want to just say for my OWN clarification that giving that benefit of the doubt STILL LINGERS for me – I was already feeling pity for the woman because SHE had been duped by the convict! LMAO!!!!!! Now, the more that is revealed, she doesn’t deserve ANY benefit of the doubt, NOR a second chance. She appears to be a psychopath, herself.

      Isn’t that interesting how they all flock together the way that they do?

  19. Joyce, you are 100% spot-on that there are NO SECRETS in a prison because a guard has been arrested for his role in this escape, as well:


    These prison guards ARE NOT as they were portrayed in the movie, “The Green Mile.” Oh, no……..they are one blink away from being incarcerated, themselves. The whole system is utterly broken and I see no means of mending it, on any level.

  20. Well it sounds like the guard may have been a stooge used by Mitchel, and you know that happens….offenders use “innocent” others to do their dirty work.

    In my opinion the officers/warden responsible for allowing stone cold killers in an “honor” block should be fired and arrested. Anyone with that pitiful excuse of common sense should not be running a prison.

    A recent study here in Arkansas announced last night was that the stone cold violent offenders are going to come back to prison within 3 years 40% of the time. the NON violent prisoners in a “reform” program with education and drug counseling are only coming back 20 something percent. But I don’t think the difference is necessarily the programs because the violent offenders are NOT going to change much if any, but the non violent offenders are not as likely to reoffend even without the programs, but I DO think they should continue the programs on the non violent offenders and lock up the violent ones longer.

  21. The prison guard arrested in the “shawshank” escape says he did not know the inmates planned to escape, but he provided them with POWER TOOLS according to an article in the Huffingtonpost.

    PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (AP) — A prison guard charged in connection with the escape of two killers admitted providing them with tools, paint, frozen hamburger and access to a catwalk electrical box, but claims he never knew they planned to bust out, authorities say.

    As the search for the convicts entered its 20th day Thursday, Gene Palmer was released on $25,000 bail after his arrest on charges of promoting prison contraband, tampering with evidence and official misconduct.

    You know, in providing CONTRABAND to an inmate is all too common…Patrick had a cell phone smuggled in by a guard (no other way to get it) and he smuggled a letter out inside a hand made greeting card telling Hamilton how to send in things via craft shop orders for materials.

    It amazes me just how much contraband is smuggled in to inmates for guards. From the earlier articles it seemed like the guard who gave them the frozen meat might have been a victim of the woman, but apparently he was also scammed by these guys into doing things HE KNEW WERE WRONG.

    Didn’t know they planned to escape? What did he think they would do with power tools?

  22. Well they killed one and shot and caught the second one. I liked what his mother said about him

    ‘If he’d come here, I would have knocked him out’: Escapee David Sweat’s own mother says she’s glad he was caught

    Pamela Sweat is ‘relieved’ her murderer son, David, has been captured
    Inmate, 35, was shot and injured by New York state trooper on Sunday
    Ms Sweat revealed son has violent history, ‘always getting into trouble’
    She added he would have known not to show up at her home in Conklin
    ‘If he would have came here… I would have knocked him out,’ she said
    She also said she has not watched television coverage of son’s escape
    Sweat was shot twice by Sergeant Jay Cook after being spotted in road
    He is undergoing surgery in hospital; is said to be in ‘critical’ condition
    It comes only two days after Sweat’s accomplice, Richard Matt, 43, was shot dead by cop with U.S. Customs and Border Protection tactical unit

    By Sophie Jane Evans For Dailymail.com

    Published: 20:41 EST, 28 June 2015 | Updated: 08:35 EST, 29 June 2015

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3142672/If-d-come-knocked-Shawshank-escapee-David-Sweat-s-distraught-mother-gives-emotional-interview-just-hours-murderer-son-shot-injured-New-York-trooper.html#ixzz3eSYC6uRm

    I know her pain, bless her heart, but I don’t think he will ever escape again

    • Since they got the other one, people in my region are breathing a little easier.

      On a completely different topic, new comments are not posting until I login, so I never know when a new comment has been posted. LOL


  23. Truthy, I always copy my comments before I try to post as you never know if they will be wiped out. LOL Still some bugs my IT person hasn’t been able to find or fix. LOL But I’ll let them know, thanks for telling me.

    I imagine that everyone in the north east has been relieved, because there was no telling where they would have shown up if they had some how gotten a ride or hooked a ride on a train…Men and women like this are definitely dangerous.

    I was surprised that folks left their remote hunting cabins stocked with GUNS…for anyone to break in and steal. I can see leaving some food etc but not arms unsecured. The escapee that got killed first had a stolen shotgun.

  24. I said the other day that the warden of that prison where the men escaped should be fired, and well…today he was. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3146940/New-warden-named-Shawshank-prison-following-killers-escape-authorities-desperately-attempt-plug-prison-s-security-gaps.html and I think very deservedly so. Allowing that kind of cold blooded prisoner in an “honor” area is total BS.

    The sex between inmates and female workers and female guards in a male prison is not an uncommon thing. Several guards have even become pregnant by inmates. It is so foolish to have females guarding males and vice versa.

    • Joyce I agree about the male guards/female inmates and female guards/male inmates and the levels of sexual acts going on, on the inside, but if you compare it to an office situation…. there are plenty of bosses, secretaries, janitors, clerks and everything in between sleeping around and trying to s’crew their way to a promotion, pay raise and corner office. There is usually at least one person who is the office tramp and community door knob- where everyone has a turn. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…

  25. Phoenix, I realize that “office” fooling around is also rampant, but at least it is not a FELONY to do so. Anyone who has sex with someone under their ABSOLUTE control, well it is not consensual the freest sense of the word.

    For these inmates they were of course USING this stoopid woman for gratification AND to get her to help them get out. I sincerely doubt that she was the kind of woman this 35 year old man wanted for a partner. LOL She took a fearsome risk and got caught in it, and frankly if they had killed someone else on the outside I think she should be charged as an ACCOMPLICE because she allowed them to escape. Helped them to escape.

    When we agree too do illegal-immoral things for someone, we should know UP FRONT THAT THE PERSON WHO WOULD ASK YOU TO DO THEM is NOT your “friend.”

    When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas is an old saying but this is exactly what happened to this woman. She got an adrenaline rush from the risks she was taking and the “love bombing” he did to her and she swallowed it hook line and sinker.

    We must keep our own moral compass pointed in the right direction and make good decisions or we will wind up in trouble ourselves. Apparently from her history she mostly had a compass that pointed toward excitement, well she got it, in spades!

    • Joyce, the human species has supposedly “progressed” so that men and women can experience job equality. Well……..women have NO business working in a men’s prison. Period. Even as nurses, there are enough male nurses in the work force today to fit that bill.

      I have a good friend who is a gay male that works in a female state prison, and he says that it’s just horrible what the female inmates have to endure. Of course, SOME of these inmates (as he confirmed) work the male guards over and use them to their advantage.

      The discussion of moral compass is a deep one with many side-tracks. For my purposes, the whole idea of getting involved with a prison inmate – guilty or NOT – is not even in my personal discussion. Whether or not someone is rightfully imprisoned is NOT my business to “fix” or remedy. Most people in prison are there for a reason, even if it’s smoking weed.

      Personally? Weed shouldn’t be illegal, but today, IT IS. SO someone who is willing to break the Law for their own purposes is not in my address book, either. When weed becomes legal across the boards, then it’s no big deal. Not that I use it, myself, but I’ll be glad when that puppy is put to bed, I can tell you! LMAO!!

      And, Mitchell’s moral compass was absolutely broken, according to what’s been reported about her personal history. She only changed her mind because she recognized the stupidity of her decisions, at the last minute. She KNEW that she would have been murdered had she followed through as the getaway person. That’s the only reason she didn’t do it – it was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a fit of conscience on her part. She saved her skin. That’s all. And, look where she’s going, now! To a female prison where she won’t be able to freely use men for her own gains, unless she draws her bead down onto a prison guard.


      • I agree Truthy, but she isn’t going to charm many guards inside any prison.

        I actually know ONE person who has committed a felony and did a couple of years in a federal pen, they acknowledge their crime, express remorse and having been out for over 25 years have worked productively and never committed another crime. She knew what she did was wrong when she did it, but “other people were doing it” and she was young and gave in to temptation. She’s doing her best to “make up” for what she did. I actually admire her and I’d trust her with my house keys.

        BUT I have known her for about 20 years and know her well. But as for most felons, you are absolutely right. I wouldn’t give them the time of day much less my house keys. LOL

        But yes, everyone who commits a crime has made a CHOICE to do so UNLESS they are in some way depriived of judgement through mental illness or retardation.

        People who are IMPAIRED due to one cause or another (and not by being drunk or drugged, as that is a CHOICE) should not suffer the same consequences as someone who has made a choice to offend…however, those people who are impaired AND also dangerous must be controlled and TREATED if there is a treatment.

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