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“I’m a good person” — 9 Comments

  1. I wasn’t able to view the video because I don’t have the band width to watch videos, but just the text of it “curles” my hair. She may also be stupid as well as pathological, but so many times people just don’t “get it” that what they did is not something that can be “forgiven” in the way she seems to think that if folks “forgave” her everything would be lovely….after all she’s a good person, right?

    In my book she has no socially redeeming qualities and deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison….just as Ariel Castro did spend the rest of his life in prison, and yes, he WAS A MONSTER. So is this woman in my opinion. (sorry for the rant!–well actually, I admit I’m NOT sorry for the rant, this woman makes my blood boil.)

  2. just……………….wow………………..

    I cannot, in my wildest nightmares, IMAGINE what these people were thinking to abuse an infant.

    They didn’t “hurt” her? REALLY!?!?! What does that even MEAN?!

    They both need to be shot. Simply shot right behind the courthouse after they’re found “guilty.”

    Thank gawd I’m not “in charge.” Really. Really……….there will be NO “rehabilitation” for these two THINGS, and they just need to be taken out of society – permanently.

    Good godalmightyohmygawd.

  3. Truthy, that was my sentiment exactly….makes you want to become VIOLENT against people who behave and think this way. Makes me wish I was a judge…makes me want to apply to the state to be their executioner….it is just against all humanity the way these people think. But that lack of insight, that lack of remorse, the denial of any “hurt” is totally psychopathic.

    Her wanting “forgiveness” showed me that she did not understand what “forgiveness” was, or what remorse was, or what hurt was…or that she was like Ariel Castro when he said “I’m not a monster” made people see him as A BIGGER MONSTER….her attempts at saying she was a “good person” and “didn’t hurt” the baby only made her appear in the same light as Castro who said the sex was “mostly by consent” LOL He just didn’t get it how people saw him, he wanted his “mask” back, and I think he killed himself because he finally saw that NO ONE thought he was a “nice guy” and that everyone did see him as a monster in spite of his protests that he wasn’t one.

    There i s not enough years left in their lives for these people to pay their “debt to society” inside a prison. I doubt they will get all that long behind bars though, but I hope it is a long time at least.

    Ariel Castro’s son spoke out against his father, and you know I wonder what these people’s parents and family think about what they did, and if they believe these people are “good people”? I can’t even imagine how I would feel if my son or daughter were convicted for such a heinous crime and made such a statement. But I can believe that Patrick doesn’t see any wrong in what he did, he thinks Jessica deserved to die for “betraying” him about the credit cards of her grandfather’s that he stole. He also still holds a grudge for when I turned him in to the cops when he was 17.

    Psychopaths do not think like the rest of humanity does. That makes them doubly scary to me.

  4. I didn’t see the video and I really don’t think I need to. Just from hearing about it, these people are pretty twisted in their thought process and obviously have no difinitive line between right and wrong.

    I can only hope they are never allowed around children again, so long as they shall live and that one day they will get what they deserve. They truly are the epitome of being the scum of the earth.

    • The Phoenix, I watched the video and it was “audacious.” The gal spoke about what a good person she is, how she hopes for forgiveness, and how she didn’t “hurt” the baby girl. The man involved refused to speak to reporters.

      What is so sick about all of this is that NEITHER of these people appear to have an ounce of remorse for what they did. Not a single tear slid down the woman’s face during the interview, nor did her voice change tone or her body language indicate anything that would reflect any discomfort. These people should never be near children, again, but they shouldn’t be able to see the light of day beyond prison walls, IMHO. They are PREDATORS, and they will always BE predators.

      Just beyond my capacity to process this kind of abuse.

      • Even if she had been crying like a sniveling b!tch, the way you describe her demeanor, posture and everything else being so stoic and resolute- the tears would just be a meaningless added touch on her part. I know a lot of people who can whip up tears on the drop of a hat when it suits their needs. Me thinks this person would be one of them and she may be kicking herself now asking “Why didn’t I think of that?”

        Scum of the earth and I agree, they should not be allowed to associate with humanity. Not even in prison.

        • The Phoenix, it is absolutely true that people can turn the waterworks on and off, at will.

          My immediate perception from watching the interview was that she had no concern about what she did. I mean, not a scintilla of guilt OR shame.

          Susan Smith acted as if she was crying when she reported her sons kidnapped. The instant it hit the news and I saw her standing in front of the microphones “sobbing” and wailing, I thought, “Liar.” I knew she was lying, immediately.

          Yepper, these two need out of society, forever.

  5. Trurthy and Phoenix, good points all! There ARE some who are QUITE good at the fake sobs and “remorse” etc. and then there are those like this woman and Ariel Castro who are so OUT OF TOUCH WITH REGULAR HUMAN EMOTIONS that they do not GET IT who the rest of humanity FEELS. “I’m not a monster” as Castro put it (a negative) and “I’m a GOOD person” LOL A positive. LOL Yea, SHE’S A REALLY GOOD PERSON WHEN SHE ISN’T RAPING INFANTS! Just a peach of a girl when she isn’t filming her BF raping the same infant and after all THEY DIDN’T HURT THE CHILD. It was all good fun! LOL Yea, they do NOT get it.

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