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Jessica Witt — 17 Comments

  1. Joyce, I’ve read this piece numerous times, and I cannot express my sympathies to Jessica’s surviving family members and to you, adequately.

    I can sort of understand a “crime of passion.” Maybe, as in my case, there were extenuating circumstances that drove a person beyond their breaking point. Thank goodness I just beat the carp out of the exspath and that my violent response to his betrayals didn’t go any further than that. But, I cannot understand taking another person’s life for money – or, in some cases, personal entertainment. It is beyond my ability to comprehend.

    I also understand the reasons that you didn’t contact Jessica’s family. I don’t believe that I would have the ability to do that, either. Perhaps, after all of this time has passed, it may be possible to connect with them on a “safe” level, but I don’t know if it’s a “good” idea or not. Everyone who was connected with Patrick and Jessica, on any level, felt the impact of his actions, and you are no exception.

    But, the most important thing to note is that Patrick chose his own path – you did everything that you could to instill values, compassion, and responsibility, and he was just incapable of living in “That World.”

    My deepest sympathies and condolences are with you and Jessica’s surviving family members.

  2. There is pain all around, for both families. The story brings tears to my eyes. As a Christian, there is comfort in knowing, that her family members will see Jessica again, being able to spend eternity with her.

  3. Thank you Truthy and Bluejay, yea, when I read this story I wept and wept, I found it at the height of my “spin cycle” during the parole protest preparation. It actually brought me up short and I stopped beating myself to death emotionally, and just mailed what I had to the lawyer, and put the rest into God’s hands.

  4. I can never read this story without feeling as though I’m reliving the events and the pain along with MaryHelen. It makes me wish I could run time backward and stop Jessica.

    Knowing that the story was triggered by another Jessica being lost, just drives home the point that there are so many victims like Jessica because there are so many predators like Patrick. We need to keep unveiling their masks, so they have nowhere to hide.

  5. skylar,

    I know, it would be great to go back in time and prevent people (who don’t know about the predators among us) from experiencing whatever they experienced, at the hands of the predators. When I was a teenager, I had a stranger in a car, first stop to ask me for directions, then he followed me, asking me if I wanted a ride, a lift. I refused to go with the man because I didn’t know him (also, my gut was screaming at me). Today, I think that if I had accepted his offer of a lift, well, I don’t want to imagine what was on his mind.

  6. Bluejay, that is called “the gift of fear” which is the name of a book written by Gavin DeBecker, who also knows what a psychopath is for sure. I strongly encourage everyone to read his book. Your “gift” probably saved your life.

    We need to look at our thinking and when our “gut” tells us there is something wrong, we need to listen.

    Jessica had no idea what kind of man she was dealing with when she was associating with my son Patrick, she was only 17 and wanted to be an adult and make her own decisions and have the freedom that being an adult gives you to make your own choices. She didn’t know that there were people in this world who COULD plan a murder, HER murder, like he was deciding what brand of toothpaste to buy. she died for her lack of knowledge about this kind of person.

  7. If you google “jessica witt murder” the first thing that comes up is this page of my blog….and today someone from her family registered as a blogger here on Family Arrested. I never even dreamed that one of her family members would find this blog, much less register here…I am anxious to hear from the family and hope that they will join me in protesting Patrick’s parole.

    For years I have wondered if they were protesting, and it was only finding Mary Helen’s story that assured me that they were protesting. In Texas, only the family of the victim have the LEGAL RIGHT to speak to the parole board, though in theory they do read the information that people send in….my attorney says they have the attention span of a”pet rock” though, and there is no guarrentee that what you send in will be read, or if read that they will take any notice of it. My packet last time was over 1 1/2 inches thick, nicely organized and bound with copies of the evidence in the letters he sent telling Hamilton how to manage our family, and instructions on how to ship in contraband via the craft shop. Yet, they knocked one year off his “set off date” from the previous hearing, in stead of 4, he got 3 yrs last time. The maximum is 5 years between hearings, and they can give him quick release, so I don;’t see with all the EVIDENCE I had sent and the rules infractions he had had, including a cell phone, that it made sense to DROP his set off time, I would have thought they would have gone from 4 to 5 –NOT 4 to 3. But I sometimes the don’t have much faith in the justice system handing our what is truly JUST. In my book, cold blooded killers need to STAY in prison forever. There is a good chance he will get out at least by 40 years, (about 60 years of age) doing the BEST we can do to keep him inside. Or if they get really sick, they parole them so the prison system doesn’t have to pay their medical costs. It is only a RARE percentage of inmates that do actual ‘LIFE” and never get out. Just murdering ONE little teenager isn’t “bad enough” to get life without parole—it has to be a cop or multiple murders, or rape of a child AND murder…even though pedophiles are know to NEVER CHANGE THEIR STRIPES they are frequently given 10-15 years unless they kill the child, and once out, go promptly right back to re-offending. The pedophile he sent to kill me had 3 separate convictions and had done a total of a bit over 20 years in the pen for all three rapes. If they had kept him inside after the first one, the other two (or any that he wasn’t charged with but actually did rape) would not have happened.

  8. Joyce, it’s as if the parole board has no clue what the purpose of prison is for. Lacking this sense of purpose, they instead just follow a formula of rules and regulations.

    Prison should be, first and foremost, for the purpose of keeping dangerous people separated from society. Why is that so complicated for parole boards to understand that?

    Hey, I have an idea, the parole board members should also have to take the prisoners home with them for a month after the release.

  9. Yea, they ENCOURAGE the families of people like Patrick to take them in because, they say “inmates with supportive families are less likely to reoffend.” Well, statistics can prove the world is flat….those people who are not monsters, who maybe had a drug problem that caused them to steal, or any number of “reasons” they went to prison…those people may not be as dangerous as Patrick….so their families stay supportive, but for those career criminals, like my son, to be encouraged to take him back into my home is a death sentence, so yea, I think they should take them home and keep them for a pet for a month or two…might just change parole policies.

    I’m not impressed with the parole officers I have met or known…Hamilton’s the man patrick sent to kill me, his PO didn’t know he was a 3 X convicted sex offender. The parole board was at first going to release him in 10 months of as 3 year sentence and put him in a HALF WAY HOUSE….they didn’t know or care he was a sex offender and that it is ILLEGAL to put one in a half way house in Arkansas. DUH??? Well, the nice lady at VINE told me the name of the law and I called up the Parole board and gave them what for and threatened to be on the governor’s steps with local news stations screaming their names if they let him go, so it was canceled at the last minute and he served another 5-6 months before he conned some nice church people into taking him in. LOL

  10. The parole process in Patrick’s case is 9 judges and 11 wardens if my memory is correct. His file goes from one to another for perusal and any letters or pictures are supposed to be read and viewed. I honestly do not know if this is done. The first time Patrick came up for parole his file was filled with something like 1500 letters from friends and family. I have heard from numerous friends every time this process begins that they will also write. The last two times and the process that is pending now. I don’t know if a file as large as the one I believe they have for him can be transported all over Texas for them to read.

    Jessica had a lot of friends. There was standing room only at her funeral to the point that they had to put speakers outside so people could hear the service. Her entire high school class attended along with teachers from her past. People that her mother and I had worked with through the years and the police officers from Plano, Dallas, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Fort Worth and the Dallas and Tarrant county Sherriff’s Dept. Such was the scope of the investigation and the search for my daughter.

    Joyce, if you fear Patrick’s release, bear this in mind. He doesn’t want to be in prison and I have made it my mission in life to see that he remains there. My only regret is the pain you may feel hearing these words. I have no choice, but I bear you no ill will.

  11. Jack, please BELIEVE ME I WANT PATRICK TO REMAIN IN PRISON FOR THE DURATION OF HIS NATURAL LIFE…..you may not have read my whole story but in 2006 he sent a man to KILL ME as well as try to obtain an inheriteance for himself that he knows if I outlive my mother he gets nothing.

    My mother hired an attoreny for him in his first parole attempt, and many friends did (not 1500) write letters saying that WE were a good family and would help him.—however after he tried to have me killed, the ONLY person who has anything to do with him is my poor deluded mother. These last two parole reviews I have hired my own attorney and have sent in HUNDREDS of documents showing his attempt to have me killed, his cell phone in prison, gotten Texas State Senator Whitmere to write a letter denouncing patrick, Troy Fox the head of the parole board write a letter protesting Patrick’s parole release, and many PhDs who study psychopaths, MDs, law enforcement, and so on. Last time my packet was neatly bound and nearly 2 inches thick. This time it should be about as thick.

    You are right, Jack, Patrick doesn’t want to be in prison, BUT HE DOESN’T FEAR IT EITHER….he will NOT CHANGE HIS WAYS, he will continue to hurt people. If he gets out my life and the lives of my other two sons are IN IMMEDIATE DANGER from Patrick.

    IT IS ALSO MY LIFE’S MISSION AND THAT OF MY OTHER SONS TO KEEP HIM IN PRISON TIL THE DAY HE DRAWS HIS LAST BREATH…probably not going to happen, but it won’t be because we don’t try with everything we have. Patrick is EVIL, Jack, I have no doubt about that. I know that may be hard for some people to believe that I WANT my son locked up forever, but I finally saw the light, saw that he is a manipulator, a liar, and a COLD BLOODED killer. He has no conscience, no sense of wrong, only what HE wants. That’s why he killed Jessica, and that’s why he tried to have me killed. Only my poor deluded mother believes a word he says.

    Here is a website about Texas paroles put up by my attorney in Houston http://texasparole.com/ though there are supposed to be several people review Patrick’s packet, in essence that is not the case he tells me. It amounts to really one of those people on the parole board reviewing the files. Mr. Smith has an 80% success rate in getting his clients OUT on parole and so far he has a 100% success rate in keeping his convict IN . I hope that continues to be the case. Also, Mr. Smith knows what a psychopath is, and refuses to work for them, or to take money from an inmate that he knows he cannot get out….how about that? AN HONEST LAWYER!~!! That is why I hired him. He is very knowlegable over other attorneys I have talked to and also seems to be CARING….he didn’t believe me when I first talked to him on the phone to hire him, but when I sent him the footlocker of evidence showing that Patrick had tried to have me killed, which included letters from Patrick, the police report, etc. and he called me back, with AWE in his voice and said “Your son is a BAAAAAAD MAN!” I said Yea, and you believe me now, huh?

  12. Jack, you might also read this about psychopaths http://familyarrested.com/what-is-a-psychopath/ out of a POSSIBLE score of 40 on a check list of the traits, patrick scores 36-38, it only takes 30 to be labeled a full fledged cold blooded psychopath.

    That’s why I started this blog to give some comfort to other mothers who are mothers of psychopaths, mothers and fathers who out of love continue to believe and hope that their child has or will change. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR THEM TO CHANGE.

    Patrick is just as evil as Charlie Manson or any of a long list of serial killers, people who kill without remorse or regret like you or I would stomp an cockroach.

    for the safety of everyone, families must learn that by “supporting” these people they are leaving themselves and their families at risk of more chaos and heart break

    PATRICK WILL ATTEMPT TO KILL AGAIN, and only someone who knows what he is (Unlike Jessica) has a chance against him. I don’t want to have to kill my son to defend myself, but if he comes after me, he will come head on into a fire fight. I AM PREPARED to do what I have to do to defend myself. He has never followed any parole or probation, and has spent only about 12 total months outside of jail or prison since he was 17, and he is after me because he hates that I know what he is, hates me because I TURNED HIM IN TO THE POLICE once and he went to jail. He still bears me a grudge for that.

    It took me a long time to realize it, but now that I see what he is, I’m on a mission to KEEP HIM IN PRISON…I dont’ want to die, and I don’t want to be forced to kill him when he comes to my house to kill me, but I am PREPARED to do what I have to do to defend myself when he does come, and I have no doubt that he will.

  13. Jack, a friend of mine pointed out that I misunderstood your post above, it was 1500 letters from YOUR friends and family…I thought you meant mine…I reread your post and I realized my friend was right…THAT MAKES ME VERY HAPPY that you were able to muster so many letters of protest….I hope that you can continue to muster plenty of support for the Protest…one year we may have to march on the governor’s office.

    The man Patrick sent to kill me was paroled here after he tried to kill one of my sons and stole $25,000 from my mother….they wanted to let him out in 10 months, and put him in a half way house, but in Arkansas it is ILLEGAL to put a sex offender in a half way house so, and it was only me throwing a FIT and threatening to go to the press that the ILLEGAL placement was nixed. He did another 5 months and that time they didn’t parole him to a half way house. that guy had molested 3 kids, ages 9,11, and 14 and done over 20 years in Texas prisons. They never did parole him from there but held him til the last day of his sentence. Then they had to turn him loose free as a bird, he only had to register, but there are so many loop holes in that and he knows all of them. They do not keep up with these folks very well so the registry is a farce up here at least.

  14. I received the following letter today via another blog on which I wrote about Patrick, it is from Mary Helen Cuellar, Jessica’s aunt.
    mimiMH says:
    August 19, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    Hello Joyce, I am MaryHelen, Jessica’s paternal aunt. I wrote a story about Jessica on storyofmylife.com and you commented on it, but I didn’t know until I saw on Facebook all the agony you had been through (a link to this story and another blog you wrote). I had almost decided to not torture myself this time when I was notified of the parole board hearing Patrick’s request again until I read your story. I have not forgiven him but even writing the letter (and I send pictures of Jessica and our family) is tortuous, reliving the murder over and over. I have a few details of the story of Jessica’s murder a little differently, learned from the trial; one was that Jessica was shot just behind the ear with her back to Patrick; she never knew what hit her, killed instantly. The other was that Patrick went back to Jessica’s roommate, but stayed there all night, terrifying Jessica’s roommate who was afraid she was next. He left the next morning to take someone to work, warning her not to leave that he would return. She called her boyfriend, who took her to Plano police dept where her father was on duty and the rest is as you told it. These small details don’t matter but it was a very small comfort to me to know that Jessica was not terrified before her murder. She trusted Patrick unfortunately; he had told her a friend was meeting them out in a field to give him the money to repay my father’s credit cards. For anyone else who may be reading this; Jessica met Patrick at a part time job, telephone marketing. I guess they didn’t do background checks. Jessica was my brother’s only child at the time; they had another son, one year younger than Jessica who died shortly after birth. My father died from a broken heart the next year; Jessica was his favorite grandchild. Our family has had a huge void ever since. I have written my letter, am sending a copy of the story I wrote about Jessica’s life with no expectation that the parole board will read it; and will send the pictures of our holidays this past year without Jessica. Next year, my son is getting married; he and Jessica were a year apart and best friends; she should be here. I will go to the parole board hearing if there is a chance that Patrick will be released. I am 70 now so if he tries to kill me, at least I’ve lived longer than Jessica or my kids; I don’t want them to go. Thank you Joyce for your courage in putting this information out; my brother and I and our family have asked our family and friends to write letters. If volumne counts, Patrick should have to stay in the rest of our lives at least. Take care, MaryHelen

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    mimiMH says:
    August 19, 2013 at 11:46 pm

    P.S. Joyce if you do speak to any media; I would love to be interviewed; I never understood why Jessica’s story didn’t get more press.

    My reply to her was:

    Dear Mary Helen, thank you for posting here, you may contact me directly by e mail at oxdrover1946 @ gmail dot com, I would love to talk to you.

    I spoke to Jack on the phone the other day for about two hours, and I think it was healing for us both. I am really glad that I have finally made contact with your family. I am also Glad that though he can never forget, Jack is moving on with his life, and healing, and am terribly sorry that Judy is still in such daily pain.

    In June I “spun out of control” emotionally and have been ill physically, and at that time, just quit trying to get more letters to the board, but do have a significant and large quantity of letters and some from very “important” people, so I hope my attorney can get it read. My attorney is a sharp guy and parole is his job, so ANTI parole is also his forte.

    I’m 66 MaryHelen, and I will continue to fight patrick’s parole as long as I live and my sons in their 40s will fight as long as they live. There’s no way that Patrick can know anyone else that writes letters against him or speaks at a hearing as parole stuff is like grand jury, SECRET so Jason could safely protest and no one would know except the board.

    I wasn’t aware it was out there on facebook, but that is where Jack said he found my contact information…and you found this story and link to Love Fraud.

    I told Jack that when my attorney sends me the packet he is preparing to send to the parole board that I will mail him a copy and also a copy of the one that we did last time, nearly 2 inches thick…I will include you in my mailing of those two packets, so please contact me by e mail and we will talk. Thank you for your story of Jessica Mary Helen, you have no idea how much COMFORT it has brought to me and my other sons. God bless you.

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  16. Read an article today about a young man who killed 3 sibs and his parents and how the defense is saying he should be sentenced as a juvenile and be allowed out at age 21, but his family members wrote the judge saying they are afraid of him for themselves and for the public if he is released

    New Mexico boy, 15, who pleaded guilty to killing his parents and three siblings can be rehabilitated, defense attorneys say

    Nehemiah Griego, now 18, pleaded guilty in October 2015
    Griego was 15 when authorities say he killed five family members at their home south of Albuquerque
    Defense attorneys say Griego was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder after his arrest
    They say he can be rehabilitated and has made significant progress at a state psychiatric treatment center for juveniles in the past 18 months

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3394306/Judge-decide-sentencing-teen-killed-family.html#ixzz3x3XeJMf9

    I can definitely relate to the fears of the family members.

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