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Justin Carter “threat” on Facebook — 52 Comments

  1. Yea, ain’t that a howdy doo? Unless you had the cash or property to put up to bail him out, it would cost $50K to buy a bond for him. With a bond like that few “regular” families can come up with that kind of money so they would have to wait it out in jail until the trial.

    I hope that this boy’s comments don’t land him in the cell next to Marissa Alexander for the next 20 years.

    I have no problem locking up repeat offending career criminals for life without parole, but to give horribly high bails and long sentences for people who should never have been arrested in the first place is a “whole nuther ball game” in my book and I feel helpless.

    We badly need to revamp the DV laws in this country.

  2. There’s a lot about the legal system that us “common folks” don’t know, or don’t know until we are faced with a problem. I didn’t know that if a prosecutor in a county REFUSES to prosecute there is nothing anyone can do about it, if there were 100 witnesses and the crime happened at high noon in down town, no one can make the DA prosecute.

    On the other hand, if he gets it in for someone he can make a jay walking offense into a huge deal..so the DA which is usually an elected post, has GREAT powers to decide who to prosecute and for what.

    Once someone is prosecuted and let off, they cannot be tried for the same crime (double jeopardy) BUT they can be tried for other connected things, like in this case there is a talk about charging Zimmerman with violation of Trayvon’s civil rights, or as a “hate crime” or some federal charge.

    In some cases, “conspiracy” to rob a bank will get you a bigger sentence than ACTUALLY robbing a bank. Which never made sense to me.

    Well, I think I will keep an eye on the news of this case and see how it plays out.

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