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Keep in mind — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting. Patrick revealed that he has no intention of ever getting a job if he did get out. How do I know? Because he said that it’s all your fault that he can’t get a job.

    Because he’s addicted to manipulating, he has to say the opposite of the truth. And, blaming their mother is text book. It’s always their mother’s fault.

    The truth is the one thing the vampires fear.

  2. Omg, the part about Patrick “Living in Texas and working for the state…” that’s right up there with Inmates trolling the waters of a singles ads for pen pals and claiming to be single, living in a “gated community” (excluding the part about the barbed wire of course!) and speaking in their usual skewed and contorted view of the world- where they are a God and everybody worships them….

    I would be sick right about here if it wasn’t so sad and so textbook- Spath 101.

    As Skylar said, Patrick doesn’t ever want to get a job. My ex didn’t either until it was part of his release conditions that he do so. Prison would be the perfect place for him. Three hots and a cot, more ass than a toilet seat, he wouldn’t have to work for any of it and he wouldn’t have any bills to pay. Dumbass could have won his wet dream lotto if he had only played his cards right and ended up on the inside.

  3. Skylar, he blames me because he is in prison for having murdered Jessica Witt. (head shaking here) nothing is ever his fault, and the truth (to him) is what he says it is. Psychopaths lie when the EVIDENCE of the lie is in front of them. I first saw him do that at age 11, but didn’t recognize that it was the first overt evidence of his psychopathy.

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