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Keeping ourselves safe from toxins — 3 Comments

  1. Joyce, that story about haggling over price, reminds me of something a spath would say. In fact, it is something 2 spaths did say.

    Though I hitchhiked everywhere when I was a teenager, I was only propositioned once, by the spathy Green River murderer. He assumed I was a prostitute.

    Another spath I knew, used to say that everyone is a whore and the only thing left to determine was the price. He also had a fascination with prostitutes.

    And from various personal stories I’ve read, spaths generally tend to accuse others of being whores. It seems to be a recurring theme. Perhaps it’s a 180 projection, perhaps it’s something more.

    • Sky, when I consider the haggling aspect, it comes to my mind that it’s just another method of devaluation. Spaths seem to reflect the belief that everyone has their price.

      I have to examine my own experiences at being “bought” with an objective eye. Spaths that came and went across my Life’s Path always dangled some kind of trade, whether it was security, the promise of “love,” or friendship, there was always something to bargain with, as far as I can see.

      It’s very interesting that you bring up the “whore” thing – it follows what I’ve experienced, personally, as well as what I’ve read from others’ experiences, too. I had never given much thought to this, but it’s true and actually quite glaring in most every situation. Everyone has “a price.”

      What spaths do is to offer that trade and it’s an empty agreement. They don’t follow through because they have no sense of obligation, on any level.

      Excellent insight………….something to ponder.

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