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Mistakes versus Choices — 2 Comments

  1. Joyce, yes! There are always options – good ones, bad ones, and what seem to be benign ones. But, when people choose to harm others (friends, family, pets, banking institutions), they aren’t making those choices without there being other options available.

    Holding our children accountable for their choices can become an exercise in futility, especially when there is little-to-no support for parents of children who continue making stupid choices. I can recall being phoned at work, every day at 12 noon, by the “alternative” school where my son was warehoused to please, come pick him up – he was out of control, in isolation, was breaking things, attacking other students and teachers. I lost my job because of this. I didn’t fault the company – how can they run a business with employees dashing off, every day, in the middle of their shifts?

    I still feel the frustration, today, because I ended up losing my position to do what I believed (at that time) to be the “right thing.” UGH……….

  2. Truthspeak, first off, welcome to Family Arrested. I personally know the frustration of trying to control a teenager who makes up their mind to defy all authority. For a while I would take mine to work WITH ME as I was a nursing supervisor of a hospital and I would put him to bed in an empty room. I probably would have been fired if the admin had known, but I did what I also felt I had to do.

    It is nigh on impossible to tell what is the high end of normal teen rebellion and what is a personality disorder.

    God bless

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